Roasted Green Chilli Spread with Greek Yogurt and Walnuts

chillispreadAfter Filo Rolls with Chilli and Feta it seems strange to write once more about chilli as the protagonist, but I really couldn’t resist sharing it while I’m still in the middle of chilli roasting frenzy. This Europeanised version of MJ’s Green Chile Pecan Cheese Spread, containing Greek yogurt and walnuts instead of cream cheese and pecans, is a fantastic treat for a fiery food lover and the quickest thing one can do with roasted chilli at the same time.

Actually this spread was the first thing I did with my very first batch of roasted chilli (before the previously posted Filo Rolls). The choice of Mj’s Kitchen as the source of inspiration for this first roasted chilli dish was obvious, since, as a highly experienced specialist of chilli roasting and cooking, MJ has a huge choice of related luscious looking recipes. Thanks to MJ’s encouragement I discovered how this simple process creates an utterly delicious product, incredibly easy to experiment with and will always be grateful for that. I have not only replaced some products, but I have also changed the ingredients’ ratio, so check MJ’s original Chile Spread Recipe.

If you have never roasted chilli peppers, check MJ’s tips and detailed instructions, many more roasted chilli dishes and myriads of other delightful New Mexican – and not only – treats.

TIPS: Make sure you use chilled chilli peppers and Greek yogurt straight from the fridge (though the best is to refrigerate the paste for several hours in the fridge because the flavours improve with time).

Try to add some grilled bacon bits next tim, as MJ recommends (I certainly will!).

Preparation: 5-10 minutes


1 cup (250 ml) chopped roasted (and skinned) medium hot green chilli, chilled

125 g (about 4 oz) very cold Greek yogurt or any other rich, thick natural yogurt

2-3 tablespoons chopped walnuts

juice from 1/2 medium lime


1 teaspoon crushed dried oregano

Combine everything, taste to check the seasoning, refrigerate for several hours (or use very cold ingredients, straight from the fridge).

9 Replies to “Roasted Green Chilli Spread with Greek Yogurt and Walnuts”

  1. I have this added to my must make list when I get back from vacation. I love your substitution choices…a lot healthier than mine. 🙂 And it is amazing how all of the flavors meld with a few hours in the fridge, isn’t it? Great looking spread Sissi!! Thanks again for the wonderful compliments and generous shoutout!!

    1. Thank you so much, MJ. I’m glad you don’t disapprove of my modifications… I always have lots of natural yogurt in the fridge, so it seemed so natural… Have wonderful holidays!!!

  2. This sounds delicious and perfect for spreading and/or dipping. I’ve been using yogurt for over a decade now in similar ways (I’m a huge fan) but lately I’ve been adding a generous dollop of sour cream to the yogurt here and there 😀 – it’s a bit of a luxury but I find it not only changes the texture somewhat it also softens the taste (mitigating that sometimes tangy/sour taste I don’t necessarily want in every recipe) — anyway, its just been a fun change. I will have to try the combination of roasted chilis and yogurt — (we love the combo of roasted chilis with avocado). I find walnuts have a lovely, distinctive flavor (I eat them every morning) – does the flavor come through here Sissi or is it mostly the texture you enjoy?

    1. Thank you so much, Kelly. I cannot imagine my fridge without yogurt… When I was a child I preferred the fruit yogurts but as an adult I abandoned luckily this habit and now have only natural yogurt in the fridge. It sounds like a great idea to add sour cream… I like sour cream a lot too! I often substitute quark for yogurt if I want a thicker texture but a similar taste and I prefer it when eaten as an afternoon snack. It’s much creamier… The walnuts’ texture is a nice touch here, but I also love their astringency. I must make your chilli and avocado spread!

  3. This sounds really great. I’m always looking for some spread for crackers when I wanted to have quick bites…I usually grab a jar of peanut butter… This recipe is great! I now have more grown-up snack, so chic!

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