Easiest Japanese Pickled Cucumber

Happy New Year, my dear visitors! I hope all of you have spent wonderful festive days and that your return to active life was not too hard. I don’t know if any of you feel the same, but I have big remorses about all I’ve devoured during the previous weeks and, just like every year, try to…Continue Reading “Easiest Japanese Pickled Cucumber”

Grilled, Soy Sauce-Marinated Vegetables (野菜の焼き漬け)

If you have planned time-consuming festive meals, this quick, made in advance side-dish might be what you look for, especially since, in spite of its exotic appearance, it goes perfectly with Western warm main courses and also cold meats. If found this simple recipe while leafing through my big Japanese pickling book and since these pickled vegetables (Yasai no yaki zuke) instantly…Continue Reading “Grilled, Soy Sauce-Marinated Vegetables (野菜の焼き漬け)”

Nasu no Asazuke (Japanese Raw Aubergine Salad)

I did have salt-pickled aubergine in Japan several times, but I have never prepared it and, most of all, I have never suspected that salting it for ten minutes only would result in anything edible, not to mention such a surprisingly delicious thing. Briefly salted, raw aubergine retains some of its crunchiness, stays pleasantly fresh and possibly unrecognisable to those who have never tasted it salt-pickled….Continue Reading “Nasu no Asazuke (Japanese Raw Aubergine Salad)”

Overnight Japanese Celery Pickles (Serori Zuke)

Celery is not the most traditional Japanese vegetable and yet the aroma and flavours of these pickles seem so typically Japanese, I would not put this dish into the “fusion” category. The delicately vinegared, slightly smokey, dashi-based brine mellows the celery’s taste, but keeps it refreshing and crisp, making these overnight pickles a wonderful winter side-dish,…Continue Reading “Overnight Japanese Celery Pickles (Serori Zuke)”

Cucumber Pickled in Reused Brine, or Quick Secondary Pickles

What do you do once your jar of pickles is empty? Some people keep the vinegared brine and add it to different sauces, but, I bet, most of you throw it away, just like I did until I discovered a fantastic way to give this aromatic liquid a second life. One day I simply cut…Continue Reading “Cucumber Pickled in Reused Brine, or Quick Secondary Pickles”

Harihari Zuke (はりはり漬け), Pickled Dried Daikon

Drying fruits, vegetables and mushrooms is not only a way of preserving them. First of all, they have a different use in the kitchen and often become so good and unique, they could never be substituted by their fresh versions (it’s maybe a question of personal preferences, but I would never put fresh mushrooms in Ragù…Continue Reading “Harihari Zuke (はりはり漬け), Pickled Dried Daikon”

Kyuuri no Kyuuchan (Pickled Cucumber with Soy Sauce and Ginger)

Kyuri no kyu chan (きゅうりのキューちゃん) is brand name of extremely popular Japanese cucumber pickles. I’m always thrilled at the idea of reproducing a famous factory made product at home (I still keep on preparing my own Taberu Rayu, a Japanese thick chili oil), so when I saw the recipe on Hiroyuki’s blog on Japanese cooking, I knew I…Continue Reading “Kyuuri no Kyuuchan (Pickled Cucumber with Soy Sauce and Ginger)”

Homemade Pickled Ginger (Gari ガリ)

A very funny thing happened to me about a week ago (my Asian friends will laugh their socks off now!). I went to my Asian grocery shop, took some shiso, some lemongrass, sweet thai basil and – at least that is what I thought I took – a package of galangal. When I came back…Continue Reading “Homemade Pickled Ginger (Gari ガリ)”