Financiers with Raspberries

Financiers count among the biggest wonders in the world of pastry. Few ingredients, simple preparation and marvellous, sophisticated result. I have already written about them quite a long time ago (here), but this new summer fruit version turned out so good, I absolutely wanted to share it with you. As I have written in my…Continue Reading “Financiers with Raspberries”

French Lemon Tart or Tartlets

  As much as I dislike pairing sweet and sour flavours in savoury dishes, I have always found it irresistible in desserts and the French Lemon Tart represents for me the apotheosis of this combination. I have written about it a long time ago, but the photo was far from appetising and the recipe passed…Continue Reading “French Lemon Tart or Tartlets”

Kings’ Pie, or Galette des rois

  Today is Epihany, the Christian celebration of the day when three kings came to bring gifts to baby Jesus. Kings’ Pie (Galette des rois) is a lidded pie with almond-based soft filling, traditionally served in France before, during and after Epiphany (celebrated in France on the second Sunday following Christmas, in spite of the…Continue Reading “Kings’ Pie, or Galette des rois”

Double Damson Plum and Almond Tart

One of the magical sides of cooking is that a slight modification can unexpectedly transform an ordinary, popular dish into an unforgettable delight. I have made dozens of French-style plum tarts in my life, but always kept them simple: short crust or puff pastry, fruits, sugar and sometimes almonds. Last week, while preparing one of those,…Continue Reading “Double Damson Plum and Almond Tart”

Mirlitons de Rouen, or Almond Tartlets Filled with Jam

“Elle à table” is the only food magazine I regularly buy. It is modern, creative, interesting, doesn’t feature only recipes, but also food-related articles and, most of all, is not aimed only at housewives, but at foodies in general, regardless their profession, time spent in the kitchen or cooking skills. The other day, leafing through…Continue Reading “Mirlitons de Rouen, or Almond Tartlets Filled with Jam”

Thrifty Truffles (Leftover Cookie Truffles)

Throwing away pastry is not something I am happy to do, and yet I had done it many times. The cakes I was offered and which were not to my taste, the leftover, slightly dried ones, or the failures of my baking experiments…. All ended up in the bin. A couple of months ago I…Continue Reading “Thrifty Truffles (Leftover Cookie Truffles)”

Wild Garlic (Ramsons, Bear’s Garlic) Pillows

Having bought a serious amount of wild garlic and having made a lot of wild garlic pesto, I had been using it mainly as a toast spread or a thick sauce  with grilled chicken, fish and vegetables. Last Saturday I had friends for drinks and absolutely wanted them to taste this aromatic plant.  I thought…Continue Reading “Wild Garlic (Ramsons, Bear’s Garlic) Pillows”

Ramsons (Wild Garlic, Bear’s Garlic) and Almond Pesto

Ramsons, wild garlic, buckrams, bear’s garlic, bear paw garlic… (Allium Ursinum) is a wild, wide-leaved plant with a very distinct garlic scent and apparently a favourite of bears, who would dig out its bulbs (hence the name). Its edible long leaves are very similar to those of the lily of the valley and mixing them…Continue Reading “Ramsons (Wild Garlic, Bear’s Garlic) and Almond Pesto”

Pesto with Almonds, or Pesto alle mandorle

Some pretend pesto (pronounced “pestu” in its home Liguria dialect), dates back as far as the ancient Rome. “Pesto genovese” (Genova is the capital of Liguria) has a DOC label (Controlled Origin Denomination) and shouldn’t be confused with “pesto alla genovese”, since labelling their jars this way producers are no longer obliged to follow the…Continue Reading “Pesto with Almonds, or Pesto alle mandorle”