Korean Kimchi Stew with Canned Tuna and Tofu

Not so long ago putting canned tuna into a soup would have never crossed my mind. Yet, together with “scary” tofu and matured, very sour kimchi, it creates one of the most delicious and quickest soups I know. No wonder I now make it sometimes twice a week! I first heard about this kimchi stew from my friend C…..Continue Reading “Korean Kimchi Stew with Canned Tuna and Tofu”

Fried Rice with Eight Months Old Kimchi

A_Boleyn has recently been a huge inspiration for my regular fridge and pantry emptying resolution. Thanks to her I remember to reduce my food stock more often than ever. Fried rice is a frequent solution during such “actions” because, as you probably know, any leftover meat, seafood or vegetable can be used. Kimchi’s presence makes…Continue Reading “Fried Rice with Eight Months Old Kimchi”