Financiers (French Almond and Butter Mini Cakes)

This was one of earliest recipes on my blog. Some time in 2011. It seems an eternity…. The photograph screamed for an update, so when I made another batch last week, I took new photographs and thought I’d write about the financiers once more. I took this decision also because I have recently read on…Continue Reading “Financiers (French Almond and Butter Mini Cakes)”

Easiest Chewy Coconut Cookies (Macaroons)

If sometimes you don’t feel like spending hours in the kitchen, but are in urgent need of easy sweet snacks, you might be interested in these cookies. I believe they are similar to what is called “coconut macaroons” in the USA, but they are much simpler and quicker to prepare. They require maximum ten minutes…Continue Reading “Easiest Chewy Coconut Cookies (Macaroons)”

Financiers with Raspberries

Financiers count among the biggest wonders in the world of pastry. Few ingredients, simple preparation and marvellous, sophisticated result. I have already written about them quite a long time ago (here), but this new summer fruit version turned out so good, I absolutely wanted to share it with you. As I have written in my…Continue Reading “Financiers with Raspberries”

Sesame Coated Tuna Nuggets (Maguro no goma age)

As you can see I’m getting really obsessed with rolls, skewers, finger food and all types of snacks. In fact, I start serving them more and more often as a part of main courses and find them much more fun to prepare and to eat. Some of you might remember the Sesame Coated Chicken Nuggets…Continue Reading “Sesame Coated Tuna Nuggets (Maguro no goma age)”

Sesame Coated Chicken Nuggets, or Tori no goma age

  These humble-looking golden and black chunks are one of my biggest culinary discoveries of this year and the dream dish for sesame seed lovers. The idea to prepare it came while I was leafing through my favourite Japanese cookery book (Japanese cooking. A simple art by Shizuo Tsuji). Some of you might remember Scallops…Continue Reading “Sesame Coated Chicken Nuggets, or Tori no goma age”

Scallops Fried in Nori, or Hotate no nori age

This simple, but surprising way to prepare scallops is another palatable – but maybe not visually appealing – discovery I owe to the Japanese Cooking. A Simple Art by Shizuo Tsuji. I have already written about this incredible book for example here, so I will not bore you with my enthusiastic impressions or details. I will just…Continue Reading “Scallops Fried in Nori, or Hotate no nori age”

Easy Chewy Hazelnut Cookies

They are quick, they are easy, they require few ingredients, they don’t need any beating, rolling, kneading, they help using up leftovers and, most of all, they are incredibly flavoursome! These hazelnut cookies are my second recipe – after chewy coconut cookies – for instant sweet snacks with leftover egg whites. They are inspired by a recipe…Continue Reading “Easy Chewy Hazelnut Cookies”