Featherlight French Fritters (Bugnes or Merveilles)

Tomorrow is Mardi Gras (literally Fat Tuesday, in English called Shrove Tuesday), the last day of Carnival (or Shrovetide) in the Christian calendar. Shrove Tuesday was the last moment to indulge in rich sweets just before the approaching fasting period (Lent) starting on Ash Wednesday. Since fats were traditionally forbidden during Lent, Carnival sweets were usually…Continue Reading “Featherlight French Fritters (Bugnes or Merveilles)”

French Lemon Tart or Tartlets

  As much as I dislike pairing sweet and sour flavours in savoury dishes, I have always found it irresistible in desserts and the French Lemon Tart represents for me the apotheosis of this combination. I have written about it a long time ago, but the photo was far from appetising and the recipe passed…Continue Reading “French Lemon Tart or Tartlets”

Lemon Pound Cake, or Quatre quarts au citron

“Take any number of eggs and weigh them. Then weigh the same amounts of  butter, sugar and flour. Beat the egg whites, combine with the rest and bake”. Could there be a shorter, easier and more foolproof cake recipe? I don’t think so and every quatre quarts I make confirms this observation. Contrary to what…Continue Reading “Lemon Pound Cake, or Quatre quarts au citron”

French Lemon Tart (or Tartlets)

  My recent cravings for lemon cakes, creams and tarts probably reveal a lack of vitamin C (which probably isn’t there after baking anyway) or, simply, a typical cold days’ need for sunny and vivid colours on the table. Or, maybe, together with sour cherry obsession, they are the obvious signs of my growing preference…Continue Reading “French Lemon Tart (or Tartlets)”