Sichuanese Chicken Salad with Chilli Oil

I always like being positively surprised by recipes I don’t expect much from, particularly if they are as simple as this one. You steam or boil a chicken breast, slice it, add some green onion, drizzle it with chilli oil sauce and you obtain a light, cooling summer dish with a spicy kick that completely transforms the delicate white meat. When I…Continue Reading “Sichuanese Chicken Salad with Chilli Oil”

Salt Brine Pickled Chilli (Fermented Chilli)

A big affection for chilli peppers combined with preserving addicition leads me every year to new experiments. Chillies rarely disappoint me and this previous summer’s discovery is no exception. Simply pickled in salted brine, these chillies developped complex flavours and an amazing aroma, proving a fantastic taste-enhancing ingredient in both Asian and Western meals. Unlike vinegar-pickling, salted brine-pickling is probably the most international preserving method (maybe…Continue Reading “Salt Brine Pickled Chilli (Fermented Chilli)”

White Cabbage Stir Fried with Sichuan Pepper

This dish will tickle your palate, tingle your tongue, put your mouth on fire and awaken you from the autumn lethargy. If you like bold fiery flavours, you will fall in love with this exotic cabbage transformation. It will also convince you that this vegetable is not as boring or humble as it seems. I…Continue Reading “White Cabbage Stir Fried with Sichuan Pepper”

Salad with Sesame Paste Dressing

If, every time you open a jar of sesame paste, you have to close your eyes to fully enjoy the inebriating, nutty fragrance and never resist stealing a teaspoonful, then this recipe is for you. I know it looks like a bowl of ordinary lettuce, but it’s much more than that. The leaves are delicately…Continue Reading “Salad with Sesame Paste Dressing”

Bang Bang Chicken, Strange-Flavour Chicken, or Cold Chicken with Sauce

It’s hard to make one’s choice when more than half of a cookery book has been marked to be tested…. (If you have been following my latest culinary discoveries, you will not be surprised  if I say I talk about “Sichuan Cookery” by Fuchsia Dunlop). I always hesitate between the famous recipes I want to…Continue Reading “Bang Bang Chicken, Strange-Flavour Chicken, or Cold Chicken with Sauce”

Gong Bao Chicken with Cashew Nuts

Have you ever tasted the famous Gong Bao/Kung Pao Chicken? I also thought I did before I prepared it on my own, following the instructions from the excellent Sichuan Cookery by Fuchsia Dunlop (I have already mentioned this fantastic book when I posted Steamed Aubergine with Chili Sauce). While reading the ingredient list I already felt something…Continue Reading “Gong Bao Chicken with Cashew Nuts”

Steamed Aubergine with Chili Sauce

I have started to cook Sichuanese. I mean the real Sichuanese cuisine, because as soon as I opened Fuchsia Dunlop’s “Sichuan Cookery” I realised that many dishes labelled as Sichuanese are not Sichuanese at all. The contents of this book sounded so fascinating that I must have bookmarked a third of the recipes. The two…Continue Reading “Steamed Aubergine with Chili Sauce”