Wobbly Astringent Matcha Dessert with Agar

The weather during my first two September trips to Japan was surprisingly hot and the humidity level unusually high, especially for a European. I soon discovered the best remedy: cold green tea from vending machines. I also quickly learnt to recognise the better-quality Japanese tea bottles and drank liters of this soothing beverage every day. Last week we experienced several particularly hot…Continue Reading “Wobbly Astringent Matcha Dessert with Agar”

Light Matcha (Green Tea) Cream

Spring is still at its earliest shy stages here, but I already start dreaming of light refreshing desserts and those flavoured with matcha instantly come to my mind. This cold light matcha cream with its freshness, its astringency and its magnificent green colour perfectly embodies springtime and the boost of energy I desperately need now….Continue Reading “Light Matcha (Green Tea) Cream”

Moist Poppy Cake with Matcha Ganache

Christmas is the time for indulgence, so here I am indulging myself with the matcha cake I have been planning to make for ages. Even though layered cakes are still difficult for my clumsy hands, the beautiful green hue made me forget the uneven layers and other imperfections. In case you have doubts, I swear…Continue Reading “Moist Poppy Cake with Matcha Ganache”

Light Matcha Crème Brûlée

If you are fond of matcha (Japanese powdered green tea) you have probably tasted Matcha Crème Brûlée, which has become popular worldwide. Green tea’s astringency and slight bitterness is not everyone’s fare, but its fans appreciate its refreshing, cooling effect and unique herbaceous aroma. I have always enjoyed all the sweets and desserts with matcha,…Continue Reading “Light Matcha Crème Brûlée”

Matcha and Coconut Cream with Agar

I am thrilled whenever I discover a simple recipe which is versatile enough to be modified eternally. Savoury recipes are of course much easier to fiddle with, but sometimes I find real versatile gems among the sweet ones too and the Coconut Cream I first prepared with Canned Peaches slowly proves to be one of…Continue Reading “Matcha and Coconut Cream with Agar”

Matcha, White Chocolate and Oat Truffles

Yeast hates me. This is all I can say after another failure with this capricious baking ingredient. I love good home-made yeast cakes, but whenever I try making them at least one in three ends up in the bin, just like my yesterday’s attempt. I do not give up, of course, but such an incident…Continue Reading “Matcha, White Chocolate and Oat Truffles”

Light Matcha Cream

This refreshing, light cream is the second dish I have made with matcha, Japanese powdered green tea. It has become my staple throughout the Summer and since hot days are soon over in Europe, I thought it was high time I posted it. I based my recipe on the Joël Robuchon’s cream (in “Le meilleur etle…Continue Reading “Light Matcha Cream”

Light Matcha Crème Brûlée

Crème brûlée or burnt cream is probably the most frequent dessert I make and my favourite along with chocolate mousse. It is light, it is cold and warm, soft and crunchy…  Taken from the famous French chef Alain Ducasse’s book (“Le Grand Livre de Cuisine d’Alain Ducasse: Bistrots, Brasseries et Restaurants de Tradition), my crème…Continue Reading “Light Matcha Crème Brûlée”