Shochu on the Rocks (Shochu Rokku) with Yuzu

If it wasn’t for the presence of the extraordinary yuzu, I would have never mentioned this simple – though excellent – drink I usually have with lime. Yuzu is an Asian citrus (shaped like a small grapefruit and either green or yellow depending on its ripeness) very popular in Japan, but quite difficult to get…Continue Reading “Shochu on the Rocks (Shochu Rokku) with Yuzu”

Soba Shochu そば焼酎, or Buckwheat Shochu

It has been ages since I wrote about shochu, so it is high time I related my further adventures with this incredible Japanese product. First of all, I owe a small explanation to those who still don’t know it. Shochu (焼酎) is a Japanese alcohol distilled with different ingredients (sweet potatoes, rice and barley are…Continue Reading “Soba Shochu そば焼酎, or Buckwheat Shochu”