Prunes in Chocolate


If I hadn’t been encouraged, I would have never thought of considering it a recipe, not to mention posting it! Prunes in Chocolate are the easiest sweet thing I know and probably also a perfect, last-minute and versatile Christmas item. They can be hung as a Christmas tree decoration, they can be given in a bag or box as a small gift, and, especially if coated in dark chocolate, they are an excellent digestive, moderately healthy, tea or coffee snack. The idea is not mine, but an improved reminder of the mass-produced prunes in chocolate I loved as a child.

The “recipe” is not only simple and very quick, but can be infinitely modified and complicated if one wishes and/or has time. Milk or white chocolate can be substituted for dark chocolate and the prunes can be stuffed with marzipan, nuts, jam, jelly or ganache. Any alcohol of your choice can be added to the melted chocolate, and even a mixture of alcohols or no alcohol at all… In short, this recipe can be treated as a basis for different creations. However, if you stick to a thin layer of dark bitter chocolate, it is the lightest version of chocolate candies I know.

Special equipment:

accessories depending on what you want to do with the prunes (gift bags, boxes, paper presentation cases, gift paper and threads to hang them on a tree, etc.)

Preparation: 10 minutes+ cooling time in the fridge


25 big prunes (stoned)

1 x 100g good dark chocolate

50 ml Hungarian apricot palinka (in other words apricot brandy)

Melt the chocolate on low heat, in a small pan, stirring and not letting the chocolate boil.

Add the alcohol at the end and stir well.

Put the prunes into the chocolate and coat them in it, shaking the pan or stirring with a spoon.

Put them on baking paper or a plate and put into the fridge until the chocolate coating becomes firm.

Take them out of the fridge and do whatever you have planned!

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