Unbaked Chocolate Cake with Pistachios and Speculoos

You might have noticed I rarely write about sweets. It’s not because I avoid sugar (my will wouldn’t be strong enough anyway!), but simply because I no longer crave sweets that often. And when I do, a piece of dark chocolate is enough or, at worst, several small chocolates from the artisan shop downstairs. Usually,…Continue Reading “Unbaked Chocolate Cake with Pistachios and Speculoos”

Snacks, Dips and Finger Food for New Year’s Eve

The two weeks of my yearly Japanese trip felt like barely two days… but going back to the “normal” life took me much longer than usually and the cold, dark winter days really made me feel lazy, sad and not motivated to carry out such activities as imaginative cooking, blogging or even visiting my beloved…Continue Reading “Snacks, Dips and Finger Food for New Year’s Eve”

Easy Festive Sweet Treats and Desserts

If most of your Christmas dishes are time-consuming or difficult, the last thing you need to complicate your life with is an elaborate dessert. Leafing through my old hand-written copy book and browsing through my blog, I realised most sweets I prepare got easier and quicker throughout the years. Thanks to this, the dessert is the part of the meal I am least…Continue Reading “Easy Festive Sweet Treats and Desserts”

Greek Yogurt and Chocolate Mousse with Cherries

This year, thanks to favourable weather conditions, cherries have appeared in France and Switzerland early, so I have been enjoying them for quite a long time. This refreshing slightly tangy dessert keeps them raw, untransformed, preserving not only their taste, but, I guess, much of the precious vitamin C. Obviously, they make a perfect pair with dark chocolate. The photograph you…Continue Reading “Greek Yogurt and Chocolate Mousse with Cherries”

Chocolate Truffles with Prunes and Walnuts

Before you start yawning, seeing a second truffle recipe in a row, I must assure you I have a very good reason for that. These truffles are perhaps not very spectacular, perhaps they will not please crowds, but for me they count among the most successful culinary experiments of recent years. Slightly tangy, slightly bitter,…Continue Reading “Chocolate Truffles with Prunes and Walnuts”

Chocolate Truffles with Hazelnuts and Coffee

Last days have been particularly cold and all I crave are soups and chocolate treats. Truffles are among the easiest chocolate snacks I know. The possibilities are endless, the process is very easy, so it’s not difficult to invent at least one new version every year. My usual basis is ganache (a mixture of chocolate…Continue Reading “Chocolate Truffles with Hazelnuts and Coffee”

Yogurt Strawberry Mousse with Chocolate Ganache

How I wish the strawberry season stretched to the whole year… Even though I’m happy to see cherries, apricots or peaches appear on my market, I am unable to ignore strawberries, which now, in their later varieties, have a much more complex and interesting taste. Last weekend I ended up once more making my staple…Continue Reading “Yogurt Strawberry Mousse with Chocolate Ganache”

Easter Party Ideas

Wonton Cups, or Edible Snack Containers Zsuzsa, my blogging friend from Zsuzsa is in the Kitchen, has recently invited me to join her and other bloggers (Eva from Takarékos Konyha, Elisabeth from Food and Thrift and Eva from Kitchen Inspirations) and, just like them, post my Easter menu suggestions. I was honoured, but at first I…Continue Reading “Easter Party Ideas”

Unbaked Layered Chocolate Cake (Stefanka)

My blogging friends’ impressive layered cakes (check Zsuzsa’s Chocolate and Caramel Apple cakes and Mr. Three Cookies’s multi-layered Russian Honey Cake) brought back one of my sweetest childhood memories: a frugal layered cake called Stefanka, one of my favourite chocolate treats in those days. Contrary to Poppy Seed and Chocolate Cake, my eternal number one,…Continue Reading “Unbaked Layered Chocolate Cake (Stefanka)”

Coconut, Chocolate and Rum Truffles (Bounty Truffles)

As soon as I think about the approaching Christmas, I feel like making truffles. I am always planning to offer them as edible presents and… finally end up eating most of them on my own (although I did manage to offer some Prunes in Chocolate last year!). Last week I was looking for something new…Continue Reading “Coconut, Chocolate and Rum Truffles (Bounty Truffles)”