Chinese Cabbage Salad with Corn and Pickled Cucumber

When I was a teenager this simple salad was all the rage. I guess its popularity was first of all due to the new vegetable: Chinese/Napa cabbage. Even avowed lettuce haters liked its crunchiness, neutral sweetish taste and every home cook appreciated its long fridge life, its all-year availability, not to mention its low price….Continue Reading “Chinese Cabbage Salad with Corn and Pickled Cucumber”

Filo Rolls with Buckwheat (Groats) and Mushrooms

If you like Japanese soba noodles and don’t mind a typical coarse texture of certain grains, you might be tempted to test this combination of buckwheat and mushrooms in crisp thin layers of Greek filo rolls. I can only hope you will love the results as much as I did. If you have never tasted buckwheat, forget all the health benefits…Continue Reading “Filo Rolls with Buckwheat (Groats) and Mushrooms”

Polish Salt-Brined Cucumber Soup with Coconut Milk

As soon as I wrote the title of this post I realised that probably for the majority of my dear readers salt-brined cucumber sounds much more unusual than coconut milk, but I was so pleasantly surprised to see how such geographically distant products go well together, I decided to post this international version. Anyway, whether it’s coconut milk or the…Continue Reading “Polish Salt-Brined Cucumber Soup with Coconut Milk”

Winter Salad with Salt-Brined Cucumber, Leek and Apple

Somehow, even though lettuce is available throughout the year, I rarely have it in winter (while I can have prepare a green salad sometimes every other day in the summer!). At this time of the year I often need more crunch, more texture in cold side-dishes and this one is a good example. This salad is based on one of the many versions of the Polish salt-brined…Continue Reading “Winter Salad with Salt-Brined Cucumber, Leek and Apple”

Light Chicken Terrine with Green Peppercorns

As a child I always liked Christmas celebrations but only because of the presents. When it came to food, Easter was my happiest festive time. Contrary to Polish fish-centred and vegetarian Christmas, Easter menus offered a bigger choice of dishes, including crazy amounts of eggs to indulge in (even when they were still considered unhealthy…) and homemade cold meats, pâtés…Continue Reading “Light Chicken Terrine with Green Peppercorns”

Eringi Mushrooms, Buckwheat Groats and Teriyaki Sauce

Some dishes suffer from even the tiniest modification, but sometimes what seems a daring crazy fusion idea proves one of the most natural harmony of flavours and textures. Such was the case with buckwheat groats with eringi mushrooms, both seasoned with teriyaki glaze. Buckwheat grains/groats (sometimes labelled “kasha”) are dried, slightly triangular seeds of a plant (Fagopyrum genus)…Continue Reading “Eringi Mushrooms, Buckwheat Groats and Teriyaki Sauce”

Salt Brine Pickled Chilli (Fermented Chilli)

A big affection for chilli peppers combined with preserving addicition leads me every year to new experiments. Chillies rarely disappoint me and this previous summer’s discovery is no exception. Simply pickled in salted brine, these chillies developped complex flavours and an amazing aroma, proving a fantastic taste-enhancing ingredient in both Asian and Western meals. Unlike vinegar-pickling, salted brine-pickling is probably the most international preserving method (maybe…Continue Reading “Salt Brine Pickled Chilli (Fermented Chilli)”