Wobbly Rhubarb Delight

Jelly is not the only dessert that can be described as “wobbly” and the above is the best example. Even though I am not a fan of standard, well set, thick jelly, I have literally fallen in love with this light, barely set dessert I decided to call Wobbly Rhubarb Delight. Its unusual, “falling-off-the spoon”…Continue Reading “Wobbly Rhubarb Delight”

Light Lemon Curd

When Charles (Five Euro Food) and then A_Boleyn posted Lemon Curd recipes I thought it was high time I presented a lighter version, which might please all those, who, like me, prefer sharper and more intense lemon desserts. I must have heard of lemon curd for the first time a long time ago, but given the amazing…Continue Reading “Light Lemon Curd”

Damson Plum Jam and Chocolate Tart

I crave chocolate all year long, so even though it’s springtime and I start dreaming about light fruit desserts, I still make sure I have some dark chocolate in case I feel an urgent need bake something with it. I also adore tart desserts, so when I saw Stevie Parle’s damson and chocolate tart on…Continue Reading “Damson Plum Jam and Chocolate Tart”

Double Damson Plum and Almond Tart

One of the magical sides of cooking is that a slight modification can unexpectedly transform an ordinary, popular dish into an unforgettable delight. I have made dozens of French-style plum tarts in my life, but always kept them simple: short crust or puff pastry, fruits, sugar and sometimes almonds. Last week, while preparing one of those,…Continue Reading “Double Damson Plum and Almond Tart”

Vineyard Peach Jam with Crème de Cassis (Blackcurrant Liqueur)

Would you ever guess the above jam is made with peaches? Its original hue is due to the vineyard peach, the last Summer fruit in France. Its season starts in August, but stretches towards at least mid-September. I say “in France” because I have never seen vineyard peach in Switzerland and always go to buy…Continue Reading “Vineyard Peach Jam with Crème de Cassis (Blackcurrant Liqueur)”