Light Lemon Curd

When Charles (Five Euro Food) and then A_Boleyn posted Lemon Curd recipes I thought it was high time I presented a lighter version, which might please all those, who, like me, prefer sharper and more intense lemon desserts. I must have heard of lemon curd for the first time a long time ago, but given the amazing…Continue Reading “Light Lemon Curd”

Guinness Gingerbread (or Guinness Chocolate Cake)

Yesterday I started to feel there was something important missing in all my pre-Christmas baking and cooking frenzy. Gingerbread, of course! When I say “gingerbread” I instantly think “Guinness Gingerbread”. It is soft, fluffy, slightly moist and has a subtle taste, far from the typical overwhelming gingerbread flavours. In short, this is the ultimate gingerbread….Continue Reading “Guinness Gingerbread (or Guinness Chocolate Cake)”

Marmite Muffins

Marmite is a British dark brown spread made from brewer’s yeast, a by-product in the the beer industry. It has a very characteristic strong taste and either you love it or hate it (I love it of course). Launched in 1902 Marmite became very popular during the two world wars, when, due to its high…Continue Reading “Marmite Muffins”

Egg and Bacon Pie

Yesterday I had one of the most guiltily delicious Sunday breakfasts for ages! When, during one of my visits to The Cottage Smallholder blog, I stumbled upon the Egg and Bacon Pie recipe, I felt at once it would be a Sunday breakfast hit. I did the grocery shopping and waited impatiently for the weekend. With its…Continue Reading “Egg and Bacon Pie”

Mango Chutney

Imported from different parts of the world mango is available all year round in Europe. The mangoes I buy in January usually come from Brazil and multiply the number of the jars preserved in Winter. I have never been a big fan of mango in sweet dishes or preserves, but together with the Hot Mango…Continue Reading “Mango Chutney”