Chilli Lovers’ Preserving Reminder

In many countries imported fresh chilli is available all year round, but the most delicious aromatic local ripe chilli – the best for preserves – is sold only for a limited time. In my part of Europe the beginning of August is the best moment to start thinking about preserving this fresh aromatic chilli, find the most…Continue Reading “Chilli Lovers’ Preserving Reminder”

Hungarian Pattypan Squash Stew (Patiszonos Lecsó)

Lecsó is probably – after gulyàs – the second most famous Hungarian dish. It is a kind of light stew prepared with peppers, tomatoes and the famous Hungarian paprika (of course you might see some old-fashioned versions swimming in fat, but it’s up to the cook to decide whether one tablespoon oil is enough or not…Continue Reading “Hungarian Pattypan Squash Stew (Patiszonos Lecsó)”

Hunan Salt-Pickled Chopped Chilli Peppers, or Accidental Erős Pista

My busiest pickling and preserving period hasn’t arrived yet, but these effortless salt pickles can be prepared practically at any time of the year. I found this recipe in The Revolutionary Chinese Cookery Book by Fuchsia Dunlop, which covers the cuisine of Hunan province (I have already mentioned this book while presenting Cucumber Fried with Perilla). At…Continue Reading “Hunan Salt-Pickled Chopped Chilli Peppers, or Accidental Erős Pista”

Székely Gulyàs with Gochujang, or Koreanised Hungarian Pork and Sauerkraut Stew

Hungarians and Koreans have at least one thing in common: a huge passion for chili pepper. In spite of such an important link I don’t think I have ever heard of Hungarian-Korean fusions dishes. I don’t know how and why I had a crazy idea to incorporate gochujang (Korean chili paste) into the Hungarian Székely Gulyàs,…Continue Reading “Székely Gulyàs with Gochujang, or Koreanised Hungarian Pork and Sauerkraut Stew”

Hungarian Chicken with Paprika (Paprikás csirke)

Sweet peppers are still on the market, it’s getting cold, we crave warming, hearty dishes… It seems the best moment to enjoy paprikás csirke. The first time I tasted paprikás csirke (pronounced paprikash cheer-ke) was at my friend A.’s parents’ house in Hungary. It smelt deliciously, its deep beautiful red colour made it look like a Hungarian cookery magazine…Continue Reading “Hungarian Chicken with Paprika (Paprikás csirke)”

Hungarian Stuffed Pepper, or Töltött paprika

I have an extremely kind friend, who regularly visits her family in Hungary and who brings me local delicacies, such as sausages, hot sauces and… peppers. Yes, genuine raw Hungarian peppers! (If you have never had the pleasure to taste or at least to smell them, they have a unique, unequalled, enticing aroma you will…Continue Reading “Hungarian Stuffed Pepper, or Töltött paprika”

Székely Gulyàs, or Hungarian Pork and Sauerkraut Stew

Sauerkraut, or sour cabbage, has been made in Europe for centuries, ensuring the precious vitamin C and other nutrients during the Winter. Thinly sliced, fermented cabbage is used in a variety of hearty dishes or eaten uncooked in pleasantly tangy salads. Even though it’s not my daily fare, I like both raw and cooked sauerkraut…Continue Reading “Székely Gulyàs, or Hungarian Pork and Sauerkraut Stew”

Gerbeaud (Zserbó), or Walnut and Apricot Layered Cake

I would like to proudly announce my accomplishment of gerbeaud, the very first layered cake in my life and one of the monuments of the Hungarian cuisine. Even though at first sight it doesn’t look unusual, gerbeaud (pronounced “jer-bo”, “j” sounding softer, like in “je ne sais quoi”) clearly stands off in the layered cakes family….Continue Reading “Gerbeaud (Zserbó), or Walnut and Apricot Layered Cake”