Teriyaki Pork Rolls with Thai Basil and Gochujang

Even though my “garden” means only a couple of boxes on a small balcony, I regularly find myself suddenly overwhelmed with huge crops of certain plants. This is a great occasion to learn new recipes and an excellent creativity booster. This summer Thai basil has been particularly prolific, so after several Thai or Thai-inspired meals in…Continue Reading “Teriyaki Pork Rolls with Thai Basil and Gochujang”

Thai Hot and Sour Shrimp Soup (Tom Yum Goong)

Tom Yum Goong is apparently very popular, but even though I have heard about it and probably saw it on some restaurants’ menus, I had never tasted it because until recently I was convinced all the Asian dishes labelled as “sour” were also horribly sweet at the same time. I didn’t really know what to expect…Continue Reading “Thai Hot and Sour Shrimp Soup (Tom Yum Goong)”

Burmese-Style Pork Curry with Ginger (Gaeng Hang Ley/Kaeng Hang Ley)

  Doesn’t Thai cuisine bring spring to your mind? Makrut lime leaves, lemongrass, galanga, tamarind… there is always something tangy, zesty or simply refreshing even in the heartiest meal and this Northern pork curry is no exception. I found it in a very humble-looking book entitled “Real Thai. The Best of Thailand’s Regional Cooking” by Nancie…Continue Reading “Burmese-Style Pork Curry with Ginger (Gaeng Hang Ley/Kaeng Hang Ley)”

Mango, Chicken and Cucumber Salad

I have always considered the addition of fruits into savoury dishes a delicate matter and approached the new combinations very cautiously. The results can be extraordinary, but I have already had awful experience with certain fruits, such as the pineapple (pineapple on a pizza or in a mayonnaise salad is simply not my thing). As…Continue Reading “Mango, Chicken and Cucumber Salad”

Mango and Chili Sauce

I am impatiently waiting for the peak preserving season which starts some time next month. In the meantime, since mangoes seem to be already in season in many parts of the world, last weekend I was very glad to be able to fill this year’s first jars with my beloved hot mango sauce. I have…Continue Reading “Mango and Chili Sauce”