Filipino “Torta” – Inspired Omelette with Ground Meat

fil_omeletteppSeveral years ago, on Wok with Ray, I saw a dish called “torta”. Ground meat in an omelette seemed both an ingenious and appetising idea, so I planned to prepare torta and still wonder why it took me so long… Last weekend, after a previous night’s korokke dinner, I was left with some fried ground beef. When I started to wonder how to use it, I had an instant flash of Ray’s beautiful torta. My Sunday lunch was ready in ten minutes and it was one of the best leftover dishes I have ever had in my life.

First of all, I must warn you I have substantially modified the recipe, for example omitting the potatoes and coriander. Moreover, instead of making smaller portions like Ray’s, I made one bigger omelette which filled the whole surface of my small pan. Then, I added my own touches just before serving: I sprinkled the omelette with a big amount of chives, toasted sesame seeds and, finally, I splashed some of my homemade ketchup and seasoned it with chilli oil. Even though the outcome of my transformed version was excellent, it is not the genuine torta, so check Ray’s blog to see the real recipe and to discover all the fascinating Filipino dishes and fantastic photographs I have been admiring for years on Wok with RayThank you so much, Ray, for this fantastic recipe! (UPDATE: And thank you so much for correcting my error!)

TIPS: Ray used here turkey meat and I used beef. I’m sure any minced meat would be ok.

Preparation: about 10 minutes

Ingredients (serves one):

1 tablespoon oil

2 eggs

ground, fried and seasoned meat (about 100 g when raw)

chives or green onion

chilli oil

toasted sesame seeds


(ketchup, any other tomato-based sauce)

With a fork beat the eggs slightly in a bowl.

Add the cold and fried ground meat.

Season with salt and pepper, if needed (it depends on how well the meat has been seasoned).

Heat the oil in a small frying pan.

Pour the omelette into the pan and fry it on both sides on low heat (it’s very easy to burn).

I always cover the pan with a lid when making an omelette and I advise it here too. This way the upper part will also cook a bit before you turn the omelette.

Finally, when the omelette is set well enough to be turned, turn it and fry on the second side for 30 seconds.

Serve with chives, a sauce of your choice and toasted sesame seeds. (If you like chilli oil, I strongly advise it; it was perfect with this omelette).

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  1. I think this sounds like an ingenious way to use up leftovers. But then, you know, I’m all about repurposing leftovers and transforming them into something new and tasty. Like throwing some leftover pasta into scrambled eggs and making a frittata. I like the inclusion of potatoes in there as well.

    1. Thank you so much, A_Boleyn. I know you are the specialist of using leftovers in creative ways 🙂

  2. I adore recipes like this one Sissi that transform a left over ingredient into something awesome! Green onions are a staple in my house, they just seem to brighten up any flavour. I will bookmark this so next time we made our Vietnamese Lettuce Wraps and have left over ground turkey or chicken I will know what to do with it in stead of my boring salad!

    1. Thanks a lot, Eva. I am sure your salad is not boring, but do try this delicious egg and meat dish.

  3. lovely ones, this is called dadar here in Indonesia,
    beside the meat, the secret of delicious omelette is chopped lard, just work your but in gym right after that calories fest, lol

    1. Hi, Dedy. I had no idea it existed also in Indonesia. Chopped lard sounds fantastic (and high-calorie too, as you say 😉 ).

  4. Trying to find creative ways to use leftovers is always a challenge for me! This omelette looks absolutely mouthwatering even though it is not the genuine one!

    1. Thank you so much, Katerina. I think it’s one of the best leftover dishes I can imagine and definitely the best way to use leftover minced meat!

  5. Hi Sissi,

    Thank you so much for mentioning this recipe and what a beautiful presentation you have there. Your version making it as a whole plate instead of little pieces is I think a better and more practical idea. I guess I feed four other people when I cook this dish and I always think of them each time. I should try making it like yours next time. I am glad that you added different ingredients and I think the addition of chives is great and I should try that instead of cilantro. Again, thank you so much, Sissi! 🙂

    1. Dear Ray, thank you once again for inspiration and for teaching me this amazing dish. We both loved it with my husband since we are both fans of egg dishes, so I suspect it will become a staple in my house. I still wonder why it took me so long… but you see I had your torta in my head all these years… I still remember your gorgeous photograph! Thank you for your kind comment. I am glad you don’t disapprove of my bold modifications… I made a whole pan omelette because I was too hungry to fry separate small omelettes (and because I’m lazy too 😉 ). PS And thank you again for your kind correction…

  6. This is such a nice way to use up some leftover ground meat…especially the we all have eggs in the fridge…thanks for the recipe Sissi.
    Hope you are having a fabulous week 😀

  7. Oh i don’t remember this dish on Ray’s blog! No idea how I could have missed it. Glad to have discovered it finally via your gorgeous blog and I do feel like taking a bite now after seeing your version. I will definitely check out both recipes throughout and maybe who knows I might be posting my own soon. Viva la Torta movement! 😉

    1. Hi, Helene. It was several years ago… Ray posts so many amazing dishes, it’s easy to forget them…

  8. Sissi, I just *love* this idea and for the life of me, I can’t figure out why I haven’t thought of making this before… It seems so natural, complete and perfect — my boys will love this! I think it’s the presentation – the idea of ground beef in an omelette that is just so fresh and clever… I have to resist my desire to scramble all the time 😉 — I like the egg here spread out like a true omelette and will use your tip to cover the lid — this is dinner tomorrow night. Cannot wait to try it! Thank you :).

    1. Thank you so much, Kelly. Exactly, it’s one of this ideas of a genius (probably a very creative Filipino mum!) which seems so obvious, but… we haven’t thought about it 😉 I hope you will try it and like it too. As I did.

  9. You have an amazing memory Sissi! I couldn’t recall the dish from Ray so I visited…and yeah I was there leaving a comment. You have good memory! Now that you posted this dish, I won’t forget Ray’s and yours. 😀 What a great way to use leftover and still have delicious meal out of it. And you said you made Korokke? My son has been asking for it since we came back from Japan. My son and I requested my mom’s Korokke two times in the final week. I think we’re Korokke family. =P

    1. Thanks a lot, Nami. I have an awful memory! I sometimes go back to your blog, browse through your recipes and think how I could have forgotten so many amazing dishes I wanted to try… but also from your blog some dishes (and photographs) have stayed in my memory forever and wait for their turn 😉 (I make your mum’s beef and mushroom korokke regularly… I am able to eat tons of it and it’s one of the rare dishes we both enjoy equally with my husband, so it’s always a big treat for us. Thank you once more for the fabulous recipe!).

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