Peach Margarita

When I saw the Peach Margarita on the Rufus’ Food and Spirits Guide, an incredibly rich source of original food and drink recipes, I knew I had to try it. Most of you have probably seen this Margarita on Greg’s and Katherine’s blog last week, so at first I didn’t think about posting it. Then I changed my mind. Maybe it is due to the substantial modifications I made to the original recipe, maybe it’s the fact that it is my new favourite peach cocktail or the need to show you what I will be enjoying this weekend, but I simply felt an irresistible urge to present this drink today.

My modifications consisted in skipping the orange juice and substituting peach schnapps with Cointreau liqueur. I simply didn’t have either the first time I made it and then I simply stuck to this version, emptying my Cointreau stock (I have to put a new bottle on my shopping list for the weekend!). Thank you, Katherine and Greg for your inspiring cocktail ideas!

I have a tip for those, who, like me, often make individual cocktail portions: buy yourself a small, baby food mixer. I find its capacity perfect for mixing one long drink.

Preparation: 15 minutes

Ingredients (serves one):

1 big ripe peach

50 ml tequila

30 ml Cointreau (Grand Marnier, Triple Sec or another orange liqueur would give a similar result here)

1/4 of a lime


Put the peach in a mug with boiling water for 5 minutes.

Pour cold water into the mug, wait 1 minute, take out the peach and peel it with your fingers or a knife.

Take out the kernel and put the peach in a blender.

Add the Cointreau and the Tequila.

Squeeze the 1/4 of lime into the blender and mix everything thoroughly with ice or put the ice at the end into your glass.

22 Replies to “Peach Margarita”

  1. This sounds awesome. Its hot here and I am thirsty – this peach margarita would go down well, actually any margarita will! I have never tried tequila and cointreau together, very unique

    1. Thank you! It’s perfect for hot days: like drinking a cold peach smoothie, but with an adult twist 😉

  2. What a cool way to make an individual drink. I’m glad you made it your own too. I always tweak stuff to fit what I have on hand. Thanks for the nice words about the site too.

    1. Thank you, Greg! I often make individual cocktails (we have different preferences with my husband) and the baby food mixer is simply perfect! I really love your blog and am very happy to see you both enjoy not only excellent food, but also good drinks 🙂 When I visit your blog I almost feel like at home!
      Thanks again for this recipe and your advice on Cointreau.

    1. Thank you so much, Jeno! Let me know if you have tried it! (And tell me if he finds some good new idea, I’m always looking for new cocktail recipes!)

    1. Thank you, Nami! This is definitely sweet (but not the syrupy sweet, the sweetness comes from the ripe fruit). Do try it! I am sure you would love it!

  3. I would definitely love this Margarita. I’m sure a very ripe peach will be perfect to add more sweetness because I like sweet cocktails. Thank you for sharing this very easy to make Margarita! Have a great weekend Sissi!

    ~ ray ~

  4. Even after reading Greg’s recipe I still haven’t tried margarita, and now you post one too… I feel like the blogosphere is trying to make me hit the bottle 😀 But seriously though… looks wonderful! I’m not a big drinker… just don’t like the flavour all that much. I’d probably remove the tequila and just keep the Grand Marnier – it wouldn’t be a margarita any more but it would be pretty damn nice I think 🙂

    1. I know some people who also hate Tequila. Use some vodka instead (or gin?). The idea is to have a fresh peach smoothie which can quickly improve one’s mood 😉

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