Rhubarb Kisiel (Warm Gooey Rhubarb Pudding)

This is one of the most extraordinary things that can be made with rhubarb. The tangy fresh flavours, the pink hue and, most of all, the addictive gooey consistency make this pudding one of my favourite spring sweet treats. One of the rare desserts I prefer when still warm. Probably a majority of my dear…Continue Reading “Rhubarb Kisiel (Warm Gooey Rhubarb Pudding)”

Easter Party Ideas

Wonton Cups, or Edible Snack Containers Zsuzsa, my blogging friend from Zsuzsa is in the Kitchen, has recently invited me to join her and other bloggers (Eva from Takarékos Konyha, Elisabeth from Food and Thrift and Eva from Kitchen Inspirations) and, just like them, post my Easter menu suggestions. I was honoured, but at first I…Continue Reading “Easter Party Ideas”

Shochu on the Rocks (Shochu Rokku) with Yuzu

If it wasn’t for the presence of the extraordinary yuzu, I would have never mentioned this simple – though excellent – drink I usually have with lime. Yuzu is an Asian citrus (shaped like a small grapefruit and either green or yellow depending on its ripeness) very popular in Japan, but quite difficult to get…Continue Reading “Shochu on the Rocks (Shochu Rokku) with Yuzu”

Momotaro (Peach and Gin Cocktail)

If I started by telling you what this drink consists of, it would probably sound quite ordinary, so I’ll talk first about its mysterious name, which I bet is not so mysterious for my Japanese friends. Momotaro, or Peach Boy, is a Japanese folklore tale character, who was found by and old couple in a…Continue Reading “Momotaro (Peach and Gin Cocktail)”