Rice, Asparagus and Fried Egg

asp_ricepLast week I bought my first bunch of this year’s asparagus. All the way back home I kept wondering what dish will be the best celebration of this joyful moment. Finally, I opted for the simplest – but always winning – combination I can imagine: a bowl of steamed rice and crisp asparagus, topped with fried egg. It was definitely the best choice to start the asparagus season.

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If you feel like having something spicy, this simple meal is excellent with chilli oil or with shichimi togarashi (spicy Japanese seven-ingredient seasoning, see at the photograph above).

If you crave meat, a fried slice of bacon will be perfect with this dish too.

Preparation (15 minutes or about 25 if you need to cook the rice: 

Ingredients (serves two):  

 2 portions of hot steamed rice

2 eggs

8 – 10 thin (about 1 cm diameter at the bottom) green asparagus spears (only the non-stringy, soft part, usually the upper 3/4 – 2/3 length)

salt, pepper, soy sauce

optional: chilli oil or shichimi togarashi (Japanese seven-ingredient spicy seasoning)

Cut the asparagus soft parts in two or three equal pieces.

If your rice is ready, warm it up in a microwave.

Otherwise, steam it and keep it warm.

Boil some water in a pan and heat a frying pan with one tablespoon oil.

If you use leftover rice, warm it and keep it covered.

Salt the boiling water and blanch the thicker parts of asparagus 3 minutes, then add the thinner parts and tips after two minutes of boiling, so that they don’t get mushy.

In the meantime divide the rice into two warmed bowls.

Drain the asparagus and put on top of the rice.

Fry two eggs.

Put on top of rice in the bowls.

Sprinkle the eggs with salt and pepper.

Serve quickly with soy sauce and optionally chilli oil or, like I did this time, with shichimi togarashi.

20 Replies to “Rice, Asparagus and Fried Egg”

  1. We love this time of year don’t we Darlin! I bought 3 pounds of asparagus on Friday so it looks like I’m going to be eating A LOT of asparagus this week. I’m pinning this one for one of our meatless meals. I LOVE it! So simple and so delicious!

    1. Wow! Three pounds of asparagus sounds like a huge feast!
      Thank you! For me the egg is one of the meatless products that make me forget there is no meat/fish in my meal. I could have egg meals every day!

  2. I’m certain we are not able to get local asparagus as yet, most of our ice and snow still needs to melt! But your post has made me crave this lovely spring vegetable. All of your recipes are beautiful and showcase the delicate flavours. How I long for spring. I’m sure we had crocuses blooming this time last year.

    1. Thank you so much, Eva. We already have Italian and French asparagus (I buy them in France), so the season has already started! I cross my fingers for Canadian springtime!

  3. It’s hard to top asparagus for spring fresh, isn’t it. I agree, a joyful moment worth celebrating :). The chili oil sounds like a perfect addition here or a little kimchi perhaps…swoon… I’m just looking at your asparagus tempura — how great is that? So much inspiration for us Sissi which is great because our market is now flooded with beautiful asparagus. Yay!!

    1. Thanks a lot, Kelly. Kimchi is a great idea! Actually asparagus tempura is surprisingly easy (compared to other tempuras…).

  4. You have quite collection of asparagus recipes on your site! I remember seeing your beautiful asparagus maki – love how it looks!!!! All of your recipes sound so good right now. I love eating asparagus in many diff ways even as simple as fried egg asparagus over rice!

    1. Thank you so much, Nami. Asparagus is a surprisingly versatile vegetable. It seems to suit every ethnic cuisine!

  5. Ok, if you talked to me about asparagus about three years ago, I would just listen to you with stoicly. I hated them because of their looks can you believe it? Now I love them and this combo with the fried egg on top just makes me drool!

    1. Thank you, Katerina. I have always loved asparagus but bought it rarely, somehow stuck with the European idea of it being a blanched side dish or starter with a sauce… in reality asparagus can be used in many dishes from all around the world.

  6. Shichimi togarashi sounds interesting, never heard of it before. Didn’t realise the Japanese ate spicy food. The only other dish I can think of is the Japanese curry, but thats mild

    1. Yes, there are several different spicy seasonings in Japanese shops (even in Europe, not to mention Japan).

  7. Such a nice ans simple dish Sissi…I love the idea of egg and rice and yes, asparagus just add color and extra flavor…thanks for the other asparagus recipes…
    Hope you are enjoying your week 😀

  8. Sissi, I would never have thought to make fried eggs, and top it with asparagus pieces…so inspiring and totally delicious. A must make…for breakfast, brunch, even for supper for a quick easy meal! So inspiring and a pretty presentation! Also love the Tempura version, as well!

    1. Thanks a lot, Elisabeth. I often make fried rice with fried egg on top (nothing original) and white rice with egg on top falls into the same quick meal category… Runny yolk mixed with rice is fantastic… and with asparagus it’s just heavenly.

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