Making Okara (おから) and Soy Milk

I discovered the existence of okara quite recently while browsing through Hiroyuki’s blog and observing his experiments with this mysterious product. Okara (おから) is a by-product after the soy milk or tofu production. It is the soy pulp remaining after the soy milk has been drained. As you see above it is a slightly yellowish, grainy pulp,…Continue Reading “Making Okara (おから) and Soy Milk”

Grilled Tofu with Sesame Seeds

I would like to wish a Very Happy New Year to everyone who happens to read this post. I sincerely hope all your dreams come true in 2011 and, since everyone has New Year’s resolutions, I hope you’ll stick to every single of them. Talking about the resolutions, one of mine is – like every…Continue Reading “Grilled Tofu with Sesame Seeds”

Mandu 만두, or Korean Dumplings

Tofu is not a meat substitute. At least not in meat mandu. In these Korean dumplings tofu gives a smooth texture (usually obtained when using fat meat) and a mellow inimitable taste. Thanks to  its presence even the leanest meat stuffing never gets dry. I don’t give here the dumpling pastry recipe, since I never make…Continue Reading “Mandu 만두, or Korean Dumplings”

Miso Soup (misoshiru 味噌汁) with Tofu (Simplified)

The Japanese Miso Soup (misoshiru 味噌汁) is my favourite… breakfast. It has all the possible breakfast advantages (although it can be served at any meal!). A perfect morning meal for cold days and, in my case, hangover days too! It is also one of my comforting dishes. To sum up, miso soup is quick, low-fat, low-calorie, nourishing,…Continue Reading “Miso Soup (misoshiru 味噌汁) with Tofu (Simplified)”