Eringi Mushrooms, Buckwheat Groats and Teriyaki Sauce

Some dishes suffer from even the tiniest modification, but sometimes what seems a daring crazy fusion idea proves one of the most natural harmony of flavours and textures. Such was the case with buckwheat groats with eringi mushrooms, both seasoned with teriyaki glaze. Buckwheat grains/groats (sometimes labelled “kasha”) are dried, slightly triangular seeds of a plant (Fagopyrum genus)…Continue Reading “Eringi Mushrooms, Buckwheat Groats and Teriyaki Sauce”

Teriyaki Pork Rolls with Sweet Pepper, Shiso and Gochujang

  First I saw Hiroyuki’s Pork and Radish Rolls, then Kelly posted her Sticky Pork Ribs… Not only have I started to crave pork, but most of all, I realised it has been ages since I wrote about a pork dish. As you might have noticed I am a big pork fan. Most of the…Continue Reading “Teriyaki Pork Rolls with Sweet Pepper, Shiso and Gochujang”

Japanese Chicken and Leek Skewers (Negima 葱鮪)

Looking for some new Japanese dish ideas in Izakaya: the Japanese Pub Cookbook by Mark Robinson, I stumbled upon some luscious skewers photographs, and among them grilled chicken skewers (yakitori) with negi 葱 (one of the Japanese cousins of the leek and spring onion). I must have seen a similar combination hundreds of times in books and on the…Continue Reading “Japanese Chicken and Leek Skewers (Negima 葱鮪)”

Asparagus Teriyaki Pork Rolls

Observing some of my friends’ blogs (Hiroyuki’s Blog on Japanese Cooking, Just One Cookbook and Shizuoka Gourmet) I quickly deduced rolling vegetables into thin meat slices is one of the favourite pastimes of the Japanese home cooks. Then, thanks to Hyosun’s recipes (Eating and Living), I discovered Koreans are also fans of rolls. After all it is…Continue Reading “Asparagus Teriyaki Pork Rolls”

Okra Teriyaki Pork Rolls

Japanese and, as I have recently noticed, Korean habit of rolling thin meat slices around different vegetables is among the most extraordinary culinary inventions I know. Such rolls are fun to make, to eat, they usually look cute and are an excellent occasion to develop one’s culinary creativity. Carrots, green beans, leftover potato purée, shiso…Continue Reading “Okra Teriyaki Pork Rolls”

Potato Teriyaki Pork Rolls

Last week I had some leftover lean pork and decided to look for a new recipe. I wanted something simple, quick, light, but nourishing and found the perfect meal at Nami’s Just One Cookbook blog. Her Mashed Potato Teriyaki Pork Rolls are flavoursome, incredibly easy (I was afraid they would require tooth picks to keep…Continue Reading “Potato Teriyaki Pork Rolls”