Miso Soup with Shrimp and Tofu

I usually drink only a big coffee for breakfast and don’t start being hungry before 10 am. If I happen to work at home, this is the moment when I have my late breakfast and my absolute favourite meal is miso soup (miso shiru 味噌汁). It is quick, healthy, full of proteins, low in carbs…Continue Reading “Miso Soup with Shrimp and Tofu”

Aubergine with Ponzu, Miso and Sesame Sauce

This is another lovely recipe I have found on Nami’s extraordinary blog (Just One Cookbook) and another one which confirms my fondness of the aubergine. If, like me a couple of years ago, you associate the aubergine with fat-soaked tasteless slices, you should try this simple and healthy dish, which makes me regret the aubergine season…Continue Reading “Aubergine with Ponzu, Miso and Sesame Sauce”

Garlic Miso Chicken Breast

When I saw Nami’s Garlic Miso Chicken Wings on Just One Cookbook, I instantly felt it would become my staple. It called for my beloved miso, it was simple, light and, last but not least, it looked irresistible. Since, as usually, I had several chicken breasts in my fridge and absolutely no wings, I decided…Continue Reading “Garlic Miso Chicken Breast”

Snow Peas Shira-ae (白和え)

When I saw Green Bean Shira – ae recipe at Nami’s blog (Just One Cookbook) I knew I would love the dish. Miso, tofu and sesame seeds are my beloved Japanese cuisine ingredients, and shira-ae (白和え) is a dish of vegetables mixed with these ingredients. How could I resist? Instead of the green beans I used…Continue Reading “Snow Peas Shira-ae (白和え)”

Buckwheat with Miso

Buckwheat is cultivated in as different countries as Russia, Japan, France and Brazil. Japanese soba noodles and soba shochu, Russian blinis гречневая каша, French “gallettes” or savoury pancakes, boûketes in Belgium, Polish “kasza gryczana” (hulled grains, usually roasted), Italian pizzoccheri,… All those are made from the same plant. Belonging to the Fagopyrum genus, buckwheat is…Continue Reading “Buckwheat with Miso”

Miso Soup (misoshiru 味噌汁) with Tofu (Simplified)

The Japanese Miso Soup (misoshiru 味噌汁) is my favourite… breakfast. It has all the possible breakfast advantages (although it can be served at any meal!). A perfect morning meal for cold days and, in my case, hangover days too! It is also one of my comforting dishes. To sum up, miso soup is quick, low-fat, low-calorie, nourishing,…Continue Reading “Miso Soup (misoshiru 味噌汁) with Tofu (Simplified)”