Rhubarb Soft Drink

rhubarbdrinkppI have always loved rhubarb. I was one of these strange children who loved acid  food (and I still do). When I was little I would chew on the raw rhubarb sticks freshly picked in my grandmother’s garden. My mum has never made a single rhubarb cake, nor would she preserve it (even though she used to preserve tons of fruits and vegetables). However, she would use rhubarb often and in big amounts. The only thing she did was a slightly tangy rhubarb drink I was crazy for (this was when children still liked other drinks than industrial sodas). She would prepare it throughout the whole rhubarb season and in big batches, kept in the fridge and refreshing like nothing I have ever tasted since then. The smell and the colour of the rhubarb drink will always remind me of the hot summer days of my childhood.

Obviously, this soft drink is the first thing I think about as soon as rhubarb appears on the market. The preparation is ridiculously easy and I have hesitated before writing these instructions, barely deserving a “recipe” name. However, since I don’t know anyone around me who prepares this simple drink, I decided to post it.

The sugar/sweetener amount depends on everyone’s taste. I usually put a heaped teaspoon in one big glass (250ml). The drink keeps for up to a week in the fridge, especially if it’s sweetened only before drinking. Do not overdose the sugar, otherwise the drink will lose its tanginess. The pinker the rhubarb stalks, the pinker the drink will be.

Preparation: 1 hour

Ingredients (makes 1,7 – 1,8 litre):

500g rhubarb stalks, cleaned and cut in two/three pieces

2 litres cold water

sugar or sweetener or honey


Put the rhubarb into a big pan with water.

Bring to boil at medium heat and cook until the rhubarb completely softens.

Put aside and wait until the rhubarb drink cools down.

Strain it and refrigerate for up to a week.

Add sugar/honey/sweetener just before drinking and serve with ice.

10 Replies to “Rhubarb Soft Drink”

  1. Wow so pretty…. It was a great that you made a recipe out of this simple drink because someone like me had no idea. 🙂 I have never tried rhubarb and I can’t imagine the taste! Arh! From the color of this drink I am sure this is a fantastic drink!

    1. Hi Nami! Thank you! If you like slightly tangy drinks, you’d love this one. I also love the colour, although it may get even more pink if I find rhubarb with pinker stalks!

  2. This sounds delicious and easy. I love acidic food as well, used to eat raw mangoes a lot. I have never cooked with rhubarb, thanks for the idea

  3. Great post! Inspired by yours, I think I’ll make itadori (Japanese knotweed) drink! Sadly, it is almost impossible to get rhubarb here.

    1. Hiroyuki, thank you for this comment. I am very happy you like my post and very flattered that it inspired you 🙂 I am sorry you can’t get the rhubarb easily. In European gardens it usually grows very easily (I’ve heard). I doubt if it makes you happier, but there are so many Japanese plants impossible to get here that I would love to taste… I have never seen or tasted the Japanese knotweed (have just checked on internet how it looks) and am very curious about your drink.

  4. Is this the rhubarb drink you referred to? I have to admit, my only experience with rhubarb is in ridiculously over-sweetened store-bought pie. I’m going to have to remedy that: maybe with a tall glass of rhubarb soft drink!

    1. Laura, thanks for you visit! Yes, this is the rhubarb drink and THE most refreshing drink I have ever had in my life. It’s easy, quick, has a beautiful colour and you can keep it slightly tangy if – like me – you don’t like overly sweet drinks. Let me know if you try it!

    1. Kelly, it’s such a surprise and pleasure to learn you like this photo! I have always thought it was rather bad… and wanted to exchange it as soon as next rhubarb season comes. It was made with rhubarb which was not very red or pink, hence the very light colour. Very dark red rhubarb gives very vivid colour in this drink.
      I’m so proud to have my drink pinned on your pinterest board! Thank you so much!

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