Orange Vodka

Delighted with the successful results of my mandarin peel vodka made with leftover peel, I decided to use up orange zest in a similar way. Since the oranges have a very bitter white pith, they should be peeled very thinly with a vegetable peeler so that only the orange part is used. Since, contrary to the mandarin peel vodka, the white pith is absent here, I decided to keep the zest with the alcohol a bit longer. I have also decided to change a bit the proportions.

UPDATE: after three months the vodka is fantastically warming, only slightly sweet, with an aroma reminding me vaguely of Cointreau (which of course is much more complex!). Less charming than the mandarin peel vodka, however. I have only tasted it alone, but I already see it as a great Cointreau substitute in certain cocktails…

Preparation: 23 days


2 medium oranges

100g caster sugar

700 ml 45% or weaker alcohol (I diluted 300 ml of 90% alcohol with 400 ml boiled and cooled water and kept it together for two days in a jar, obtaining approx. 37,5% alcohol)

100 ml water

Peel the oranges with a vegetable peel, keeping only the orange part of the zest. Dry the peel (for example on a radiator) and stop drying as soon as it cracks (it took me 24 hours).

Put the orange peel in a big jar. Pour over the alcohol or the alcohol+water.

Close the jar. Put it in a warm place (here radiators are useful once more, but don’t put the jar directly on them!).

After one week strain the peel and throw it away, keeping of course the infused alcohol!

Prepare a syrup with the sugar and the 100 ml water.

When it’s still hot (but not boiling), pour gradually the infused alcohol,  stirring.

Pour the vodka into a bottle. Close it and store in a dark place for two weeks.

Filter it (for example through a coffee paper filter or a piece of gauze plied in 4) into another bottle.

Close it well with a cork or a screw cap (or taste it straight away!).