Greek Yogurt Mousse (Light Unbaked Cheesecake) with Canned Peaches

cannedpeachchWhoever invented canned peaches, was a genius. Unlike pineapple or litchi, I never see them as  poorer – and sickly sweet – cousins of fresh ones, but almost like different fruits, which, apart from being delicious, are easy to stock and to use. They add a beautiful sunny touch to all the cold season desserts and proved perfect with this new spring variation of my simple Greek yogurt mousse. When summer comes, fresh peaches will be a marvellous replacement, obviously.

To some of you this basic mousse recipe might seem familiar. Indeed, I have already posted several different versions of it (see below), but all under the name “unbaked cheesecake”. Now you might wonder how it became a Greek yogurt mousse. First of all, even though this popular Polish dessert is prepared as a whole cake (usually with crusty bottom and jelly on top, but I have never liked either, so I skip both) and cut before serving, I have always opted for individual portions. Secondly and finally, the substitution of its main ingredient (smooth fresh curd cheese/”quark”/fromage frais), difficult to find in some countries, with the ubiquitous Greek yogurt is a perfect solution and technically makes it a… Greek yogurt mousse.

This mousse (or rather its different versions) is one of the most frequent sweet treats I indulge in. It is easy, quick to prepare, versatile and totally guilt-free; moreover, individual portions keep well for several days in the fridge. I come up with new modification ideas every year, so you will probably see some new creations soon. Until now I have prepared the following versions:

with Passion Fruit
with Passion Fruit
with Blueberry
with Blueberry
with Strawberry
with Strawberry
with Sour Cherries
with Sour Cherries
with Vanilla
with Vanilla

TIPS: As I have mentioned both the natural fresh cheese I usually use here and Greek yogurt are perfect.

The amount of gelatin depends sometimes on the brand. Leaves are sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller,  powdered gelatin sometimes contains other products and doesn’t set as well as pure gelatin in powder… In short, the aim is to use here the amount of gelatin which sets 500 ml/2 cups/about 17 oz liquid.

If you have a choice of different forms of gelatin, but have never worked with it, I strongly advise buying the powdered one, my favourite. It’s easier to dissolve than the one in “cristals” and you don’t have to go through two stages, as it’s the case with leaves.

Preparation: 15 minutes + 2 hours in the fridge

Ingredients (serves 4-5): 

500 g  (about 17 oz) Greek yogurt or very smooth (mixed) fresh cheese/curd cheese/quark/fromage frais/serek homogenizowany) 

1 tablespoon gelatin or 6 – 8 sheets, depending on the size/brand, so take the amount necessary to set 500 ml/17 fl oz of liquid, see TIPS above)

4 tablespoons warm water (I prefer to use hot water with powdered gelatin)

4 flat tablespoons confectioner’s sugar or sweetener of your choice

1 can of peaches

(2 tablespoons rum)

Dissolve the gelatin in 4 tablespoons warm or hot (not boiling) water. (If using leaves, proceed as indicated on the package).

Mix the yogurt (or cheese), the rum and the sugar in a food processor.

Add the dissolved gelatin and mix once more.

Pour the yogurt mixture into individual bowls or glasses and put into the fridge for at least two hours.

Just before serving cut the peaches into bite-sized pieces and put on top of each mousse.

22 Replies to “Greek Yogurt Mousse (Light Unbaked Cheesecake) with Canned Peaches”

  1. Hi SIssi
    What a delightful way to use canned peaches; to be honest, I haven’t thought about canned peaches in a million years! The Greek mousse sounds delicious and I would be tempted to add a teaspoon of lemon rind and a bit of vanilla (two key ingredients which make me immediately think of cheesecake!). I am in need of a gluten free dessert for Sunday brunch and I think I may have found my answer in your blog as my guests are lovers of cheese cake. The Greek yogurt definitely adds a lovely piquant flavour but also has a wonderfully creamy texture.

    1. Thank you so much, Eva. I always keep canned peaches just in case… I must say I often add vanilla to cheesecakes, but never lemon rind. I wonder how they would both pair with canned peaches. Vanilla would be good, I’m sure.

  2. Delightful as always, and this easy dessert with yogurt is pretty much guilt free 🙂 unfortunately I have no change to try it, as I recently found out I’m dairy intolerant. If I can find non-dairy yogurt

  3. Your recipe intrigues me. I love no-bake cheesecakes but I’m certain I’ve never had one like this before {also, just did a video on Greek yogurt} so I take it as a sign from the universe!!!

  4. This recipe will come in handy soon. I was wondering how to use up gelatin – yogurt seems appealing.
    Canned peaches, canned peas…other day I saw canned sausage and realised I’ve never tried it. Have you? Perhaps a favourite of yours???:)
    In the Pacific Islands canned fish (esp tuna and mackeral) is really popular even though there is an abundance of fresh fish. Canned is different and nice. Plus no cleaning required.

    1. Try to find Greek yogurt. I have never tried normal yogurt, but I would worry it could be too watery… I have tried canned sausages once. Very soft and bad.
      I thought canned tuna and mackerel (and sardine) are popular all over the world…

  5. This is a lovely looking mousse Sissi — colourful and inviting. Greek yogurt is my creamy textured protein of choice in smoothies and desserts of this nature so I’m appreciating its use here — I don’t tire of your creations at all – keep them coming! I made your matcha cream as planned last weekend, my husband and I loved the taste (I will send you a note with more details soon 🙂 ). Have a great weekend Sissi.

    1. Thanks a lot, Kelly. I’m thrilled to learn you have both liked the matcha cream! Thank you so much for this kind message!

  6. Sissy I love your creation of this creamy light mousse; the rum addition sure makes a big difference in the mousse, and ‘never say…never’ using canned peaches in any dessert. Marvelous idea, and sooo good!
    I remember in the seventies we were making all those light jell-0 desserts with different flavors…and canned peaches were always used with them, in different shapes and sizes. Also canned sliced peaches used to decorate whipped cream topped cakes. The list goes on-and-on!

    1. Thank you so much, Elisabeth. Oh, yes… I remember the same from the 80s 🙂 Jellied desserts with canned fruits were very in then too. I hated hard jellies and I still hate whipped cream.

  7. Canned peaches — aren’t they delicious and so pretty? This is another addition to your collection of yummy cheesecakes. So pretty to look at Sissi. 🙂

  8. I use canned peaches a lot and you are right it is a brilliant idea! This is such a refreshing dessert and perfect for the season now that the weather has become warmer!

    1. Thanks a lot, Katerina. With the high quality yogurt you have in Greece, this dessert would be amazing.

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