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Wonton Cups, or Edible Snack Containers

Zsuzsa, my blogging friend from Zsuzsa is in the Kitchen, has recently invited me to join her and other bloggers (Eva from Takarékos Konyha, Elisabeth from Food and Thrift and Eva from Kitchen Inspirations) and, just like them, post my Easter menu suggestions. I was honoured, but at first I panicked because apart from a Chicken Terrine (see below) I don’t really have traditional Easter dishes on my blog. Both Zsuzsa and Elisabeth have convinced me to present whatever I might serve for such an occasion, even if it is not traditional in any country or region of the world. Thank you, ladies, for your advice! Thus, I have chosen some festive dishes I love, regardless their origins or relation to Easter celebrations. Thank you so much, Zsuzsa, for your kind invitation. I hope my eclectic choice, far from Easter traditions will not disappoint you.

Here is a list of dishes I would take into consideration if I had guests for Easter (of course I wouldn’t serve all of them!). All of them can be served at a buffet-style party, my recent favourite way to entertain. Such a concept usually means more work beforehand because, contrary to traditional meals, one cannot serve just three dishes, but this way I offer a bigger choice to the guests, who are not forced to eat all they are served, but most of all such a party has a more relaxed atmosphere. Apart from one exception, I have chosen easy recipes, which either can be prepared very quickly or made in advance. They have both Western and Asian origins, so I hope you will find here some useful ideas, not necessarily for Easter.

First of all, I would never skip the obligatory Wonton Cups, or Edible Snack Containers (see the photo above). Versatile, cute and easy, these edible containers are nowadays a staple not only when I have guests (thank you, Juliana!).


Last-minute Crackers can be prepared really just before the guests arrive as long as you have some puff pastry in the fridge. These star-shaped crackers were prepared for Christmas, but you can give them any shape you wish, such as bunnies…


These olives are so easy to prepare you will never consider buying them seasoned by someone else again.


This Smoked Mackerel and Egg Spread can be prepared with any smoked fish of your choice, of course.


Recently discovered Taramosalata (Fish Roe Spread) is one more thing I will never ever even think of buying. Home-made version is incomparably better.


Light Chicken Terrine with Nutmeg is actually the only dish I used to have as a child for Easter and other festive occasions.


Savoury Cake with Goat Cheese and Dried Tomatoes (aka Goat Cheese and Dried Tomatoes Bread) is a wonderful alternative to canapés.


Cake with Ham and Olives, another canapés substitution, is a real crowd-pleaser.


If you feel like serving Japanese food (why not?), try preparing Maki Sushi with Shrimp, Avocado and Cucumber. They will not necessarily look as perfect as in your sushi shop, but they are really easy to prepare.


Spring Rolls with Leftover Roast and Carrots, an Asian sandwich alternative, can also be prepared with the remains of your roast, after the Easter holidays.


Sesame-Coated Chicken Nuggets (Tori no goma age) can be made in advance and will please all the sesame fans.


Japanese Chicken and Leek Skewers (Negima) are brushed with teriyaki glaze and usually please every guest.


Asparagus Teriyaki Pork Rolls are incredibly easy to prepare and are one of my favourite ways to serve asparagus.


Unbaked chocolate Cake with Biscuits (Chocolate Terrine with Speculoos) is a rich creamy dessert which doesn’t require baking and is incredibly simple to prepare.


Coconut, Chocolate and Rum Truffles (Bounty Truffles). Who doesn’t like chocolate truffles?


Matcha and White Chocolate Truffles are the only ones which might be tricky to prepare, but they are green, fresh, festive and have this amazing slightly bitter matcha flavour…


Chocolate and prunes are all you need to prepare these luscious Prunes in Chocolate, a quicker and easier alternative to chocolate truffles.


This Kiwi and Rum Cocktail seemed perfect for a spring party.

I strongly encourage you to check the wonderful Easter menu suggestions proposed by my blogging friends and would like to wish you all a very happy Easter and wonderful holidays to those who don’t celebrate it!

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  1. A fabulous array to make most anyone happy! My favourite just has to be the taramasalata, which I began preparing as a young bride . . . it soon became one of my ‘party pieces’ and I still love to make it whenever I can get my paws on some smoked roe 🙂 ! Happy Easter!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Eha. I must confess that when I was choosing the recipes, I wanted to run and buy some fish roe because this photo reminded me how good home-made taramosalata is… Happy Easter!

  2. Sissi, oh my goodness, delicious galore! I couldn’t decided which dishes I would love to eat if we were ever invited to your place for Easter, though after scrolling up and down a few times, Savoury Cake with Goat Cheese and Dried Tomatoes really stands out to me, add some truffles and the cocktail, I will be a very happy camper. Happy Easter!

    1. Thanks so much, Jeno. You have made me laugh! I would die if I attempted to prepare all these dishes, but I would try to serve at least five or six. I wish I could welcome you in my house for any occasion (your visit would be a huge occasion!). Happy Easter!

  3. Thank you kindly for the shout out Sissi, it is truly an honour to be among these talented ladies.
    Your round up is incredible! I had forgotten about some of these and so glad you reminded me. Your execution and photography are exceptional.

    1. Thank you very much, Eva. This is not a traditonal Easter menu, but I love serving such buffet-style international snacks, whatever the occasion. I’m impatient to see your Easter menu (I have just seen it’s online!). Thank you for the kind compliments. I’m flattered and proud you like my photos, but I know I can improve them a lot… I must invest money and time (so simple, but so difficult!). Happy Easter!

    1. Thank you, Karen. I hope if I served half of this even the pickiest guest could find something edible (this is my idea of “snack” parties…).

  4. Sissi, I am on the run, but I just had to comment [I will be back later] – your post is wonderful and speaks of spring and renewal.

    1. Thank you so much, Zsuzsa. I appreciate a lot your approval. (As for the spring and renewal, I don’t know why but especially the last photo makes me think of them 😉 ).

      1. Sissi I would love to come to your Easter buffet! There is something for everybody here to enjoy and as I said before when I looked over the dishes you selected for this virtual feast my overall impression was springtime! I hope spring arrived to Europe as it did for us in Western Canada. The sun is shining, the sky is blue, the air is sweet and fresh and there is no wind. I wish you a wonderful spring weekend dear friend and I thank you for putting together this amazing buffet table!

        1. Thank you very much, Zsuzsa. I am glad you see spring in my dishes because we are still waiting for it… It’s still cold!

  5. What a wonderful collection of recipes Sissi, each, I am sure, would make a great addition to any Easter table. The wonton cups and asparagus teriyaki pork rolls are going on the top of my list (and I don’t even like pork that much) 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Gourmantine. You can prepare such rolls with any meat really, as long as you cut very thin slices. Such Japanese meat and vegetable rolls have infinite versions.

    1. Thank you, Kiki. I didn’t organise Easter this year, but if I had, I would have included some of these dishes into the menu.

  6. I’ve seen most of them before, but it’s still great to see them all togehter in a roundup, good ones sissi! I almost wished I celebrate Easter… although, you know what, I think I’ll go ahead and tackle a couple of these anyway since I have a 4 day long holiday. Any excuse for a feast.

  7. These are all wonderful party food! Am I invited to your Easter Party then? 😀
    Wish you and your family a wonderful Easter weekend.

    1. Thank you so much, Ullrich, for the kind compliment. I would never consider myself a “great food photographer” though… Thank you for the link. The blog is very inspiring and beautiful!

  8. Oh this is perfect! We just got invited over the in-laws for Easter dinner and I was requested to bring an appetizer. What great ideas!!! I already have the ingredients for at least 3 of these so no last minute shopping needed. Thanks! Hope you’re having a marvelous weekend Sissi!

    1. Thank you so much, MJ. I hope you have found an easy idea here and that you have spent wonderful Easter.

  9. What a great collection of recipes! I like that you included non-traditional foods here. I don’t really have an Easter tradition, so I totally relate. In any case, Happy Easter!

    1. Thank you so much, Azusa. I don’t really cook traditional Easter dishes, so if I had organised Easter it would have been more Asian than European 😉

  10. Happy Easter Sissi. Now I am overwhelmed by the amount of delicious recipes you have shared in this post. Everything looks absolutely delicious! Thanks for this treat and I will definitely try some of these recipes!

  11. Sissi, I am admiring the diversity of your cuisine in this post… you have also reminded me of so many of your delicious recipes. In fact, I think it’s time for me to pull together another batch of your prunes in chocolate – we all loved them! That spring inspired kiwi rum glass also appears to be calling my name ;-)… I may have to give that one a try next! (what a great colour/texture). Happy Easter Sissi. I hope you’re having a beautiful weekend.

    1. Thank you so much, Kelly. Prunes in chocolate are addictive aren’t they? And the worst is that one always has the required ingredients in the kitchen… I am thrilled to learn you still like them! The kiwi rum makes me forget it’s still to cold for “normal” April… I hope you have had lovely Easter.

  12. Sissi, I just clicked over to your blog after seeing the title on my side-bar; have not been checking or doing anything on my blog for the last several days…not including my post which is abt. 2wks old.

    I am so proud of your amazing achievements in your most fabulous Easter line-up, just as I thought you would gather them and even better! Each and every appetizers are truly wonderful, light, and superb.

    Your desserts are to “die for” amazing, as well. I adore the a asparagus Teriyaki pork roll, your spring rolls, and for the dessert the coconut-rum trufles, and the unbaked chocolate cake that looks like a decadent fudge, and actually the entire menu you posted. I would love to sample everything but it would take several hours to truly savor all the different flavors.

    Hope you had a wonderful Easter…so sorry for not coming by sooner! xo

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Elisabeth. I am flattered by so many compliments. Most of these dishes are very easy to prepare, so maybe I could prepare all of them one day… if I organise a huge party… I would spend two days in the kitchen I suppose 😉
      I also hope you have had wonderful Easter and as you see, I have been quite lazy recently too, so don’t worry.

    1. Thank you so much, Sharon. Guacamole filled wontons are nowadays my party staples. Chocolate rum truffles are irresistible and so easy!

  13. Oh oh, that unbaked chocolate cake – it’s really the stuff of dreams Sissi. Of course, so many of your other items on the menu look absolutely delightful, but that cake… it just seems so rich and smooth… velvety, I could really spend five minutes just staring at the photo… salivating slightly :D.

    It seems that many people really make a big deal out of Easter – at home we always had a roast dinner… usually beef or chicken, since my father doesn’t like lamb (sadly!), and usually a nice dessert, but it wasn’t something that we went too overboard with. It seems maybe we’re unique in this regard?

    1. Thanks a lot, Charles. The unbaked cake is one of the easiest cakes I know, but people just love it (much more than some elaborate time-consuming cakes…). You should try it one day when you don’t feel like baking. It’s a pity I didn’t know this recipe when your oven didn’t work. It would have been perfect!
      As you see I don’t make “big deal” of Easter, especially in terms of food… I am not religious, so I just consider it as another excuse to eat delightful food 🙂 I love lamb (I actually had some for Easter!).

  14. Everything looks wonderful, Sissi! But I’ll be happy enough with just the Sesame-Coated Chicken Nuggets, Savoury Cake with Goat Cheese and Dried Tomatoes and the Unbaked chocolate Cake with Biscuits for dessert. 🙂

    Hope you had a wonderful Easter celebration!

    1. Thank you, Nami! I haven’t organised Easter this year, but even if I did, I would probably prepare maximum half of these dishes…

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