Baked Wonton Chips/Wonton Crisps


I have never made a single wonton dumpling, yet I have already used three packages of wonton skins in last couple of months. First, I discovered how to transform wonton skins into edible cups (see the photo and link below), which, once filled, proved impressive, but surprisingly effortless snacks. Then, quite recently, I started to play with these wonton chips (or crisps). Quick and easy, they are an ideal low-calorie and low-fat alternative to nachos or other commercial deep-fried snacks, but they certainly do not fall into the “diet food” category; an excellent taste and delicate, crisp texture remain their biggest assets.

Similar recipes can be found everywhere on the web, but instead of following any of them, I decided to copy the edible wonton cups instructions, adapting them to bite-sized chips. If you wish, before baking, you can sprinkle them with spices, coarse salt, grated cheese… whatever comes to your mind. I chose this time to keep them simple, but slightly fiery and brushed them only with chili oil.

If you are tempted by this uncommon way to use wonton skins, you might also like to transform them into these edible cups:


Edible Wonton Cups

TIPS: Wonton skins or wrappers can be found in frozen food section in most Asian grocery shops. I find them here also in bigger “normal” supermarkets. They thaw quite quickly (usually two hours at room temperature).

Preparation: 15 minutes

Ingredients (40 chips):

10 wonton skins

1 tablespoon oil (I have used chili oil)

Preheat the oven to 180°C.

Brush wonton wrappers with oil, piling them up and slightly pressing so that you brush only one side of each sheet, but both sides end up oily.

Cut the pile into four equal triangles (or into another shape of your choice).

Place the pieces on baking paper.

Bake for about 5 minutes until golden.

Beware! They burn very quickly, so watch the first batch closely (the time depends on your oven).

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  1. It’s fun to use a convenience item like these wonton skins for such a wide variety of purposes. One day I may even pick up a package and make … wontons. 🙂

    I HAVE used them (or was it egg roll wrappers, it’s been so long I can’t remember) in place of samosa wraps but the taste and texture wasn’t the same as making them from scratch and though my mom said they were ok, she preferred mine. Speaking of samosas … I wish I had a couple around.

    1. Thank you, A_Boleyn. I never make wontons, but I prepare very often dumplings with round skins (for example gyoza skins). I have never made samosa wraps, but I think they are thicker. These crisps are as thin as nachos for example.

  2. hah I thought it was brilliant when you did the wanton cups.You’re genius when it comes to these sort of shortcuts and neat tricks with asian ingredients. Like using agar to make puddings/mousses too. Love the new .com too 🙂

    1. Thank you very much, Shu Han, for all the compliments. I am always thrilled to discover unusual, delicious but very simple dishes. I am glad you like the new simple theme. I have been meaning to change the old one for months… or maybe a year?

  3. At first I was wondering whether I came to a different site by mistake:) Looks excellent, very clean and professional.
    I think you will put the nacho companies out of business. If I remember correctly nacho’s have 10-20% fat content and a ton of salt. I was planning on buying nachos or chips this week – will look into this option for sure

    1. Thank you sooooo much, Mr. Three-Cookies. I have been meaning to change my old theme for such a long time but had no time or no inspiration… Finally yesterday I decided to take this very popular but very simple and clear theme. I must say it’s like a breath of fresh air for me 😉 I still plan to modify it a bit though: add some functions, etc..
      I am glad you like this snack idea. I must confess I have always had a weakness for nachos (nachos with guacamole used to be my favourite snack), so these are such a wise, low-fat, low-calorie and low-salt replacement (and perfect with guacamole too)! And so easy to prepare. You should try them one day. They are surprisingly thin and delicate and keep for several days.

  4. Wow, Sissi, a whole new look for your blog…. very clean and sophisticated looking. Are you using a new host as well? (can’t remember if you were formerly with wordpress). Very nice and fresh.

    Now onto these wonton chips… you know, if there’s one treat I like just as much as dark chocolate (possibly even more?) it would be chips. Yup, I’m a *huge* fan. However, most conventional chips are fat and calorie catastrophes – haha! So you can imagine my delight when I come across an ingenious twist such as this one for a baked cripsy wonton. I think it’s brilliant and I cannot wait to try it!! I’ve come across pita chips before but not wonton chips. Love the idea. I wonder if I could flavour them after applying the oil – maybe a little chili – some lime zest – oooh, toe curl…. :).

    1. Thank you very much, Kelly, for such kind words and compliments. I really appreciate them. I have been meaning to change the blog theme for such a long time… It’s still a WordPress theme though (but I have never been hosted by WordPress, I stil have the same host).
      I am a huge fan of nachos… When I see guacamole (and I prepare it very often) and I don’t have nachos, I feel something is terribly missing. These chips are fantastic with guacamole, so I’m really happy to discover them. They have less fat, less calories, less salt and I can finally snack feeling less guilty. They are I think even thinner than nachos!
      You should try making them one day! I’m sure they are very versatile (I have put here chili oil, but they can be sprinkled with chili too or cheese, or salt… whatever you like!). I think that they require however to be slightly brushed with oil. Otherwise they might get very dry (on the other hand I have never tried).

  5. Sissi! I jumped to your site from your email notification, and saw a big picture of your dish and knew something is different! But I was on iphone and couldn’t see the whole look, so I had to wait till I came to computer! WHOO HOOO! I love your new theme. The best part? THE BIG PICTURE!!!!!!!! Your pictures should be all in large size, Sissi. 😉 So happy for this change, and congrats!
    And your wonton chips… if you serve this dish in front of me, all the chips will be gone in a matter of few minutes. 😉

    1. Dear Nami, thank you so much for so many compliments and kind words. I’m really glad to learn you like the new theme. It’s very simple, but I wanted it as simple as possible. I have been meaning to get rid of the old one for what seemed like eternity. I must confess I was worried my amateur photos would look worse if they are bigger, but I’m relieved to see you like them this way.
      These chips are extremely easy and quick, you should try them one day. They are also healthier than any commercial chips I know, so eating even a whole bowl makes me feel less guilty 😉

  6. I used to do this years ago and for some reason it has disappeared from both my memory and repertoire, thank you for the reminder! We’re having vegetarians over for the weekend so I think I’ll revisit this with your Taramosalata recipe…yum. Or maybe I should make something that I am not so fond of, just to keep me in check! Hope you had a lovely weekend.

    1. Thank you, Eva. Excellent idea! They would be perfect with taramosalata. I hope you will like my taramosalata! (and your guests too, so that you won’t have a chance to eat too much of it 😉 ).

  7. Alez tu sie pozmienialo!!! Podoba mi sie ta nowa szata graficzna 🙂
    ‘Wonton Cups’ swietnie sie prezentuja – bardzo lubie takie ‘jadalne miseczki’, choc przyznaje, ze rzadko takie ‘produkuje’…

    Milego tygodnia Sissi! 🙂

    1. Dzieki serdeczne, Bea. Juz dawno sie nosilam z tym pomyslem zmiany. Ja rzadko przygotowuje kolacje “przy stole” i prawie zawsze robie pelno drobnych “snackow” kiedy mam gosci, wiec te latwe i efektowne miseczki to dla mnei zbawienie (i nikt nie podejrzewa jak latwo je zrobic!).

  8. Sissi, I love the new blog design! It features your photos prominently, and I think they deserved to be admired!

    What a brilliant recipe idea! I have a pack of wonton skin in the fridge that’s begging to be utilized, there’s also a pack of spring roll skin that’s waiting around, just haven’t had any fresh idea until now! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you very much, Jeno, for the kind compliments. (I was worried all the errors of my photos would be even more evident…) I am happy that you like the new theme. I should have changed it a year ago at least!
      Spring roll skins might be a little tough here I guess, but wonton skins are surprisingly crisp and thin. I hope you will test them.

  9. Love you new look…clean and crisp! Great idea using the wonton wrappers to make chips…like the freshness of it.
    Have a great week Sissi!

    1. Thanks a lot, Juliana. I’m glad you like the new layout. These and your wonton cups will be my staple snacks when I have guests.

  10. Nice new look Sissi! The gray you are using for your text is very comfortable on my old eyes and looks very nice. Like the bigger picture! Love both of the shots on this page!!! I love wonton crisps! I tried this exact same method last year when I had some leftover wontons and Bobby was rummaging around the kitchen looking for crackers. I just cut mine into 4 squares but next time I’m doing these triangles. A much better look! More appetizing and looks more like “chips”. I use garlic oil, but I do love, love, love the suggestion for the chili oil! Definitely will be trying that next time as well. Great post!

    1. Dear MJ, thank you very much for all the compliments. I’m glad to learn you like this new theme. I have been looking for something clear for such a long time and finally settled for something very simple and basic. (As I told Jeno I was worried a bigger picture will show all the flaws in my photos… so I’m happy you like this size too). Chili oil made these chips slightly hot. I already see it combined with garlic oil… It would taste perfect!

  11. Hi Sissi, first I have to say I’m loving the new blog look, really nice! Second, the wonton crisps and cups are fabulous, just one question, wouldn’t the wonton cups grow soggy after a while? (if they had to survive a party)

    1. Thank you so much, Gourmantine. I’m glad you like the new blog theme. Both wonton crisps and cups are ridiculously simple to prepare. Empty cups stay fresh for several days, but I have no idea how quickly they become soggy… mine disappeared in 10 minutes 😉 I only know nothing with sauce (for example a salad with sauce) should be put inside because they leak. To make sure they don’t become soggy you could put a part of cups filled and place empty cups close to a bowl of whatever you want to fill them with, so that people fill them on their own…

    1. Thank you, Karen. I’m glad you like the new theme. These would be much thinner than pita chips.

  12. This is why I love wonton. It is very versatile, like you can use it for almost anything and you can eat it with almost anything. Love those little cute cups there, Sissi. Sorry, late commenting on this post. Just got a little busy. 🙂

    1. Thank you very much, Ray. I have just made another, third “trick” with wontons, so I couldn’t agree more!

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