Light Unbaked Blueberry Cheesecake/Greek Yogurt Mousse with Blueberries


I hope you are not bored with my desserts in glasses. I simply cannot help it: it’s hot and instead of cakes or biscuits, I crave fruity, light, refreshing – and most of all easy – desserts just like this one and am tempted to experiment with different seasonal fruits, hence this blueberry version of my Strawberry Cheesecake (Greek Yogurt Mousse). When writing about the Strawberry Cheesecake (Greek Yogurt Mousse) I said it was supposed to be prepared with fresh cheese (also called quark). I know now that some of you have difficulties in finding it, so I would like to emphasize here once more that such a dessert can very well be made with cream cheese used in the USA in regular cheesecakes. It will however be lighter and closer to this version if prepared with Greek yogurt, which is quite similar to fresh curd cheese/quark in both texture and taste. The result could be called “Greek yogurt mousse”.

Even though this is only a slight modification of the Strawberry Cheesecake (Greek Yogurt Mousse), thanks to the presence of blueberries, which lack the strawberry’s acidity, this dessert is not tangy and gives an impression of a much bigger creaminess both in taste and texture. I did add some lemon juice because I like to feel some tanginess, but it’s absolutely not necessary.

UPDATE & TIPS: Instead of quark/fromage blanc you an use Greek yogurt here (it’s a better option than US cream cheese).

The amounts of gelatin depend sometimes on the brand. Leaves are sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller,   powdered gelatin sometimes contains other products and doesn’t set as well as pure gelatin in powder… In short, the aim here is to use here the amount of gelatin which sets 500 ml/2 cups/about 17 oz liquid.

Preparation: 15 minutes + 2 – 3 hours in the fridge

Ingredients (serves 3-4): 

300 g  (about 10 oz) fresh cheese (quark, fromage blanc) or Greek yogurt (or cream cheese)

1 tablespoon gelatin (if you use leaves, take the amount necessary to set 500 ml/2 cups liquid)

200 g (about 7 oz) blueberries

4 flat tablespoons confectioner’s sugar or sweetener of your choice

(2 tablespoons lemon juice if you like to feel some tanginess in your desserts)

(mint leaves for decoration)

Put aside 50-60 blueberries for the decoration.

Dissolve the gelatin in 4 tablespoons warm water. (If using leaves, proceed as indicated on the package).

Mix the cheese, the sugar, the lemon juice if using and the blueberries (apart from those left for the decoration) in a food processor.

Add the dissolved gelatin and mix once more.

Pour the cheese mixture into individual glasses/bowls and put into the fridge for at least two hours.

Decorate just before serving.



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  1. I made the American version of Cheese cake… Wise mind think alike..
    I love urs fruity and light.. Beautiful
    And no my dear we r not exhuasted by ur glass desserts, I am sure everyone enjoys them!!

    1. Isn’t it funny we both made cheesecakes at the same time? (Although completely different, I admit). Thank you for the kind words!

  2. Love the look and the lightness! Am not a dessert person but this appeals. I remember Mom cooking with quark only too well from my European childhood, but wonder could one use cottage cheese or ricotta instead? Granted different textures and somewhat differing tastes?

    1. Thank you so much, Eha. If you use cottage cheese, mix it thoroughly before in a food processor. I wouldn’t advise ricotta though. I once made an experiment and it was bland and disgusting.

  3. Tired of your desserts in a glass? Pas possible! :). This is a lovely variation Sissi and I tend to agree with you on the zing factor – I like a little acidity too and would absolutely borrow your lemon addition. Your photo is so pretty – and wonderfully crisp/clear too – loving the soft blues of the berries against your mauve background Sissi.

    1. You are so kind, Kelly 🙂 Blueberries are really sweet and I was surprised how they lacked tanginess here. Thank you so much for the compliments. I struggle a lot with photos…

      1. I struggle with the photos too… people often ask me if I find it hard coming up with new food ideas for the blog – that’s the easy part! It’s the damn photos that just about kill me!! 🙂

        1. Haha! I’m exactly like you! And I have so many failed dish photos, I could make a second blog entitled “delicious dishes with horrible photos”. I don’t post lots of wonderful meals I make because I cannot manage to take presentable photos (it’s difficult especially at night). Just like you, I have lots of different ideas, I keep on discovering different dishes but photos are the most difficult, time-consuming and infuriating part of the blogging. I also have a compact camera, which doesn’t help either.

  4. Hi Sissi, this looks lovely and light indeed. The blueberries are in season in Ontario and are lovely and sweet. I can see this dessert being made with yogurt cheese (simply put, plain drained yogurt) which would be a nice, no fat alternative to cream cheese. It’s a bit tangier, but I think you would like it.

    1. Thank you, Eva. I only use quark (fromage blanc/fresh cheese) which is 1) very tangy 2) light, so your drained yogurt version would be very similar (in taste at least). My quark and yogurts are almost equally tangy (unless I take 0% fat yogurt which is very acid). Frankly I have never made it with cream cheese (too fat and the low-fat version is not very good…).

  5. Hi Sissi! I am definitely not bored with your desserts in glass. The blue berries look so HUGE and perfect, I love that you added the lemon juice, bet it helped the dessert to taste even more refreshing!

  6. I’m not bored of your desserts in a glass. I have one that I use in a pinch, when company is coming over at the last minute. I have most of the ingredients on hand for this, so I’m going to tuck it away for one of my barbeques this summer. In fact, this is very kid-friendly and would work well in some fun glasses that I have. Hmmmm, the wheels are turning!

    1. Hi, Barb. Thank you for the kind words. I suppose it is kid friendly, you are right! I hope you will enjoy this quick and refreshing dessert.

  7. nope not bored of your desserts in a glass at all, keep them coming! am abit jealous of hearing everyoen talk about how hot it is to do any cooking though, it’s been cold and really wet here in london 🙁

    1. Thank you so much, Shu Han. We have had two rather cool days but now it’s hot again (not too hot though, just the way I like it in the summer 😉 ) I hope warm days arrive to London soon!

  8. Keep those desserts in a glass coming girl! I’m loving them and can’t get enough of them. This blueberry cheesecake in a glass in no exception. A cheesecake that you don’t have to bake – perfect!

  9. I don’t think one could ever get bored with delicious desserts in glasses – I know the feeling… it’s so warm in summer than you just want cold, easy things, although it’s not very warm here right now!

    They actually serve cheesecake in pots like this in my office’s canteen, although they put crumbled cookie over the top to act as a “base” which I really like too!

    1. Thank you, Charles. You have a wonderful cafeteria in your office then! Sometimes they serve really awful things… Once more the idea I thought I had out of nowhere turns out not so original… It’s not that such cheesecakes are particularly unusual, but I often feel that everything was already invented in the cooking field.

  10. Dear Sissy!
    You are becoming Japanese! LOL
    Although cheese cakes were first created by the Greeks it is an obsession here in Japan!
    The more for it that we are in full blueberry season here!

    1. Thank you, Robert-Gilles. I would never think that through my love of cheesecakes I could be closer to the Japanese taste 😉
      From what my Japanese friend says, I guess such a cold cheesecake would be perfect in for the very humid and hot Japanese summer.

        1. This is funny! I would say they serve a red bean dessert or something more typically traditonally Japanese… With cheesecake at least they take less risks 😉

  11. Somehow when the dessert is in the cup, I feel less worry about the outcome and consider it’s “easy” category. 😀 I love blueberries among all the berries and this cheesecake is the best!

    1. Thank you so much, Nami. You are right: the cup desserts are easy, but I wouldn’t say that all the cakes are more difficult, maybe more time-consuming…

  12. Bored?! Definitely not! You have a fantastic series going here and I love every single one of them. Cheesecake in a glass …. why not? Instead of the usual biscuit crust, this is much faster to whip up and a perfect individual sized serving. Brilliant!

    1. Thank you so much, Ping. It is faster indeed and so much easier… really good for lazy hot days.

    1. Thank you, Ray! I would never think of it this way! I should have found a sexier name than “cheesecake in a glass” 😉

  13. It’s hot here too, so this type of sweet is perfect for such a weather! Fruity and light in texture is ideal for hot summer days!

  14. I am never bored with any of your foods, whether ‘with a glass’ or not:) But sometimes I am little ‘unhappy’ with your food because I can see it but cannot eat. And then I become jealous because I know you can eat it but I can’t:) Kidding!!!
    Hope the summer has brought lots of sunshine where you are.

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Mr. Three-Cookies. We do have lots of sun. As I told Charles, who lives in Paris, we have always a warmer weather than for example the North of France because we are rather next to the Central-Southern France and I don’t live up in high mountains. (I know most people associate Switzerland with a cold weather but here we barely have snow; this year was a huge exceptional winter with cold temperatures and snow for a certain time; it was a big shock for me).

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