Korean Mung Bean Pancake with Ground Meat and Kimchi

A very kind friend has recently offered me Our Korean Kitchen, a beautifully illustrated home cookery book written by Jordan Bourke and Rejina Pyo, an Irish-Korean couple. It’s not my first Korean cookery book, but in this one everything looks appetising and effortless at the same time, so I couldn’t wait more than one day to put it into…Continue Reading “Korean Mung Bean Pancake with Ground Meat and Kimchi”

Chicken with Gochujang Sauce, Korean Rice Cakes (Tteok) and Celery

This wonderful one-pot meal is a perfect example of how my Asian food experiments evolve throughout months or years: first, they typically become spicier, more garlicky (if it suits them); then they get adjusted to my lazy nature, becoming easier and eliminating side-dishes, requiring even less dish washing… This one started with the Hawaiian Shoyu Chicken, to which I added gochujang and lots of garlic, then…Continue Reading “Chicken with Gochujang Sauce, Korean Rice Cakes (Tteok) and Celery”

Korean Style Monkfish with Smoked Bacon and Indian Spices

  I recently saw on tv a French chef preparing the relatively popular monkfish wrapped in bacon. I buy monkfish as often as I can (i.e. whenever the price is reasonable) because I love it for its subtle taste but also for its firm flesh and versatility. This smokey fish reminded me of the Korean squid with bacon and Indian spices,…Continue Reading “Korean Style Monkfish with Smoked Bacon and Indian Spices”

Kimchi Stew with Chicken, Poached Egg and Konnyaku Noodles

Just like every year when I go on my Japan holidays, I promised myself to keep on blogging from my hotel room and… once more somehow it didn’t work. I hope you will excuse me this long absence here and from my friends’ blogs. The trip was, as always, very enriching (especially since this time I made a short stop…Continue Reading “Kimchi Stew with Chicken, Poached Egg and Konnyaku Noodles”

Savoury Egg Custard (Chawan Mushi) with Kimchi and Chicken

I prepare Japanese egg custards (chawan mushi) and modify them so often, I was sure I had posted one of the versions earlier this month. Luckily, it was in March, so I hope it’s not too early to talk about them once more. The egg custard I’m presenting today started with a Japanese base, but ended up combined with kimchi. I have read about Korean savoury egg…Continue Reading “Savoury Egg Custard (Chawan Mushi) with Kimchi and Chicken”

Korean Squid with Smoked Streaky Bacon and an Indian Touch

I grew up ignoring the taste of squid and clearly remember the first time I had it, as an adult. The “honey and garlic” squid was sweet, tender, crisp and I ordered it many times in a Thai restaurant which is now very far away. I fell in love instantly and the older I am, the more I am…Continue Reading “Korean Squid with Smoked Streaky Bacon and an Indian Touch”

Kohlrabi Saengchae (Korean Salad with Kohlrabi)

I think I have already mentioned that I grew up eating kohlrabi, but uniquely as a snack. If you have never had it (or if you were unlucky to have it only cooked), raw kohlrabi is a more delicate and juicier version of pink radish. This year I have tried to include kohlrabi for the first…Continue Reading “Kohlrabi Saengchae (Korean Salad with Kohlrabi)”

Monkfish in Korean-Style Gochujang Sauce

Apparently April and May are the best months to enjoy monkfish, so I’m glad to see it now every week at the fishmonger’s. I like its firm meaty flesh, its delicate taste and I particularly appreciate its resistance to powerful seasoning, such as garlic, chilli or gochujang, the Korean chilli paste. I created this improvised simple dish several months…Continue Reading “Monkfish in Korean-Style Gochujang Sauce”

Spicy Korean Mung Bean Sprout Salad

I would have immensely enjoyed sharing with you my very recent memories of the fantastic lamb roast I made during Easter holidays… Unfortunately, no matter how much I tried, there was no way I could make it look less disgusting, not to mention attractive, so maybe some other day… In the meantime, I would like to talk about one of…Continue Reading “Spicy Korean Mung Bean Sprout Salad”