Super Light Creamy Indian Prawn Curry

In spite of what the above photograph might suggest, this creamy curry contains no coconut milk nor cream. The first yogurt-based curry I’ve ever tasted! The recipe is inspired by a fish curry cooked by a talented Indian grandmother, whom I have been following for some time in fascinating Myna Street Food videos. As you can…Continue Reading “Super Light Creamy Indian Prawn Curry”

Grilled Razor Clams with Garlic and Parsley

I love razor clams for their delicate taste, still recognisable in the presence of strong seasoning, and, most of all, for their texture: soft, but slightly al dente. For years, imagining they were tricky to prepare and/or clean, I was too scared to buy them and ruin the whole big bunch (they are sold in bunches here). Last weekend I finally dared…Continue Reading “Grilled Razor Clams with Garlic and Parsley”

Anchovy Vinaigrette, or Anchovy Salad Dressing

A big part of my summer meals consist of bowlfuls of salad leaves, topped with tomato, sometimes other raw vegetables, and proteins, such as cheese, egg, ham, bacon, canned tuna…. I often change both the toppings and the vinaigrettes, but none of the dressings I have tasted produces the effect comparable to this anchovy vinaigrette: it has this irresistible je-ne-sais-quoi characteristic of umami-packed food. Canned or…Continue Reading “Anchovy Vinaigrette, or Anchovy Salad Dressing”

Korean Style Monkfish with Smoked Bacon and Indian Spices

  I recently saw on tv a French chef preparing the relatively popular monkfish wrapped in bacon. I buy monkfish as often as I can (i.e. whenever the price is reasonable) because I love it for its subtle taste but also for its firm flesh and versatility. This smokey fish reminded me of the Korean squid with bacon and Indian spices,…Continue Reading “Korean Style Monkfish with Smoked Bacon and Indian Spices”

Korean Squid with Smoked Streaky Bacon and an Indian Touch

I grew up ignoring the taste of squid and clearly remember the first time I had it, as an adult. The “honey and garlic” squid was sweet, tender, crisp and I ordered it many times in a Thai restaurant which is now very far away. I fell in love instantly and the older I am, the more I am…Continue Reading “Korean Squid with Smoked Streaky Bacon and an Indian Touch”

Sakana no karaage (Deep Fried Whole Fish)

I have deep-fried whitebait and fillets many times, but doing it with a big whole fish was a new surprising experience. In spite of its unappealing look, the result was utterly delicious. The flesh was soft, juicy and the lightly seasoned skin was a pure delight . (In case you are wondering, I did eat it with chopsticks; they are not for decoration only. One…Continue Reading “Sakana no karaage (Deep Fried Whole Fish)”

Thai Chilli Jam (Nam Prik Pao)

Even if you have tasted lots of different chilli preserves, pickles, jellies or sauces, you will still be blown away by the extraordinary richness of flavours of this Thai condiment. It is obviously hot, but also smokey, sweet, salty, slightly sour, slightly pungent and, most of all, utterly addictive. At first I wondered why it’s called “jam”, but I quickly understood: as…Continue Reading “Thai Chilli Jam (Nam Prik Pao)”

Monkfish in Korean-Style Gochujang Sauce

Apparently April and May are the best months to enjoy monkfish, so I’m glad to see it now every week at the fishmonger’s. I like its firm meaty flesh, its delicate taste and I particularly appreciate its resistance to powerful seasoning, such as garlic, chilli or gochujang, the Korean chilli paste. I created this improvised simple dish several months…Continue Reading “Monkfish in Korean-Style Gochujang Sauce”

Madras Fish Curry

With this curry you needn’t worry about fat content, calories or a – typically Indian – neverending list of ingredients. The recipe is so simple, I was surprised the short cooking process turned my rather bland fish fillets into a fantastic, beautifully scented Indian treat. Having tested already several dishes from Rick Stein’s India. In Search of the Perfect Curry, I should…Continue Reading “Madras Fish Curry”