Quick Chilli Pickle in Reused Olive Brine

When I met MJ and started reading the wonderful MJ’s Kitchen I discovered a whole new world of exotic dishes, ingredients and techniques. We share a huge love for chilli (or chile, as MJ would say) in all its forms, but her ways of cooking and using it are usually completely new to me. MJ…Continue Reading “Quick Chilli Pickle in Reused Olive Brine”

Korean Mung Bean Pancake with Ground Meat and Kimchi

A very kind friend has recently offered me Our Korean Kitchen, a beautifully illustrated home cookery book written by Jordan Bourke and Rejina Pyo, an Irish-Korean couple. It’s not my first Korean cookery book, but in this one everything looks appetising and effortless at the same time, so I couldn’t wait more than one day to put it into…Continue Reading “Korean Mung Bean Pancake with Ground Meat and Kimchi”

Super Light Spring Rolls with Cucumber, Shiso and Chicken

A plate of raw spring rolls is one of the most cooling, heatwave-adapted meal I can think of, so I make tons of them every summer. My dexterity doesn’t improve in what comes to the aesthetics, but I’m getting quicker every year and spring rolls have stopped being a special time-consuming and tiring dish. Since…Continue Reading “Super Light Spring Rolls with Cucumber, Shiso and Chicken”

Curry Pie with Leftover Filo Top

Do you ever have leftover filo pastry bits? As a filo addict I have those all the time (especially with my individual rolls). Now that I discovered genuine (though expensive) frozen Greek filo, they started to worry me much more than before. A heap of unused small bits of filo suddenly reminded me of a very unusual chicken…Continue Reading “Curry Pie with Leftover Filo Top”

Filo Rolls with Bok Choy Leaves and Feta

Bok choy (or pak choy) is one of the rare autumn and winter vegetables I always look forward to. As much as I love its stir-fried crisp stalks, I have never liked the texture of warm limp leaves, so if my bok choy had abundant leafy part (sometimes half of its height), I used to…Continue Reading “Filo Rolls with Bok Choy Leaves and Feta”

Drying Aubergine (in the Sun, over the Stove or in the Oven)

As you might have noticed, I am regularly drying fruits and vegetables. Thus, not only do I save slightly withered  produce from the bin, but above all I obtain better quality cheap homemade products. I prepare my own vegetable stock mixture, dried apples, pears and mushrooms, powdered garlic, half-dried tomatoes… Nonetheless, I must admit aubergine was one of the last vegetables I would think of…Continue Reading “Drying Aubergine (in the Sun, over the Stove or in the Oven)”

Sichuanese Chicken Salad with Chilli Oil

I always like being positively surprised by recipes I don’t expect much from, particularly if they are as simple as this one. You steam or boil a chicken breast, slice it, add some green onion, drizzle it with chilli oil sauce and you obtain a light, cooling summer dish with a spicy kick that completely transforms the delicate white meat. When I…Continue Reading “Sichuanese Chicken Salad with Chilli Oil”

Savoury Egg Custard (Chawan Mushi) with Kimchi and Chicken

I prepare Japanese egg custards (chawan mushi) and modify them so often, I was sure I had posted one of the versions earlier this month. Luckily, it was in March, so I hope it’s not too early to talk about them once more. The egg custard I’m presenting today started with a Japanese base, but ended up combined with kimchi. I have read about Korean savoury egg…Continue Reading “Savoury Egg Custard (Chawan Mushi) with Kimchi and Chicken”

Open Omurice with Hot Gochujang Sauce and Mushrooms

My favourite omelette is the French-style, rugby ball-shaped fluffy one, which apparently gives a very clear idea of a professional chef’s skills. I often order it for lunch in France, but I haven’t mastered it yet, so whenever I make an omelette, it has to be the easiest flat one. The famous Japanese omurice (fried rice with an omelette) has two main versions:…Continue Reading “Open Omurice with Hot Gochujang Sauce and Mushrooms”

Takikomi Gohan しいたけと鶏の炊き込みご飯 (Rice steamed with shiitake and chicken)

Spring vegetables are nowhere to be seen yet, so the only comfort one may find in the kitchen is a new exciting dish with winter ingredients that start to become boring. The discovery of takikomi gohan has not only made me forget that mushrooms and carrots have been my staples of last months, but it has also unveiled a whole new world of…Continue Reading “Takikomi Gohan しいたけと鶏の炊き込みご飯 (Rice steamed with shiitake and chicken)”