Open Omurice with Hot Gochujang Sauce and Mushrooms

My favourite omelette is the French-style, rugby ball-shaped fluffy one, which apparently gives a very clear idea of a professional chef’s skills. I often order it for lunch in France, but I haven’t mastered it yet, so whenever I make an omelette, it has to be the easiest flat one. The famous Japanese omurice (fried rice with an omelette) has two main versions:…Continue Reading “Open Omurice with Hot Gochujang Sauce and Mushrooms”

Takikomi Gohan しいたけと鶏の炊き込みご飯 (Rice steamed with shiitake and chicken)

Spring vegetables are nowhere to be seen yet, so the only comfort one may find in the kitchen is a new exciting dish with winter ingredients that start to become boring. The discovery of takikomi gohan has not only made me forget that mushrooms and carrots have been my staples of last months, but it has also unveiled a whole new world of…Continue Reading “Takikomi Gohan しいたけと鶏の炊き込みご飯 (Rice steamed with shiitake and chicken)”

Korean Rice Rolls (Gimbap/Kimbap 김밥)

Given my growing interest and experience in Korean cooking, the gimbap – making adventure was inevitable. Especially since last year, when I saw beautiful colourful rice rolls in Tokyo’s Korean district. Unfortunately, I was no longer hungry (easy to understand after a BBQ dinner…) and didn’t have time to go back there before my return to Europe. Finally, after…Continue Reading “Korean Rice Rolls (Gimbap/Kimbap 김밥)”

Maki Sushi with Pickled “Matjes” Herring

I rarely boast, but I must say I consider these maki sushi as one of the best fusion creations in my life (and at the same time maybe even the best maki sushi I have ever made…). I had this idea when, assembling ingredients for maki sushi, I noticed an almost expired package of my beloved “matjes” herrings in the fridge. At first, I experimented with only…Continue Reading “Maki Sushi with Pickled “Matjes” Herring”

Everyday Maki Sushi with Canned Tuna and Cucumber

Maki sushi, even though quite frequent on my table, tend to disappear before I even think about taking a photograph. They are quick, versatile, easy to experiment with and, most of all, they are simply irresistible. I don’t make perfectly shaped ones with sashimi grade raw fish, but everyday, casual, irregularly shaped tidbits. I fill them with whatever might suit vinegared…Continue Reading “Everyday Maki Sushi with Canned Tuna and Cucumber”

Rice, Asparagus and Fried Egg

Last week I bought my first bunch of this year’s asparagus. All the way back home I kept wondering what dish will be the best celebration of this joyful moment. Finally, I opted for the simplest – but always winning – combination I can imagine: a bowl of steamed rice and crisp asparagus, topped with…Continue Reading “Rice, Asparagus and Fried Egg”

Fried Rice with Eight Months Old Kimchi

A_Boleyn has recently been a huge inspiration for my regular fridge and pantry emptying resolution. Thanks to her I remember to reduce my food stock more often than ever. Fried rice is a frequent solution during such “actions” because, as you probably know, any leftover meat, seafood or vegetable can be used. Kimchi’s presence makes…Continue Reading “Fried Rice with Eight Months Old Kimchi”

Cold Vegetarian Bibimbap (Korean Rice Salad)

Most of you have probably heard about the famous Bibimbap, but I bet Cold Bibimbap is much less popular. When I saw it first time on cHow Divine blog, the idea was so seducing, I made it in the following two hours and loved it, in spite of some forced modifications. When I finally prepared…Continue Reading “Cold Vegetarian Bibimbap (Korean Rice Salad)”

Easter Party Ideas

Wonton Cups, or Edible Snack Containers Zsuzsa, my blogging friend from Zsuzsa is in the Kitchen, has recently invited me to join her and other bloggers (Eva from Takarékos Konyha, Elisabeth from Food and Thrift and Eva from Kitchen Inspirations) and, just like them, post my Easter menu suggestions. I was honoured, but at first I…Continue Reading “Easter Party Ideas”