Filo Rolls with Buckwheat (Groats) and Mushrooms

If you like Japanese soba noodles and don’t mind a typical coarse texture of certain grains, you might be tempted to test this combination of buckwheat and mushrooms in crisp thin layers of Greek filo rolls. I can only hope you will love the results as much as I did. If you have never tasted buckwheat, forget all the health benefits…Continue Reading “Filo Rolls with Buckwheat (Groats) and Mushrooms”

Eringi (King Oyster Mushroom/Saesongi) & Teriyaki Sauce

Eringi エリンギ (king trumpet, king oyster or saesongi) is my favourite Asian mushroom. I love its meaty texture, its delicate flavours and its incredible versatility. It is good in Thai and Indian curries, in Japanese chawan mushi (savoury egg custard) and okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake), but it is equally delicious simply grilled and served with teriyaki sauce. This easy method showcases perfectly…Continue Reading “Eringi (King Oyster Mushroom/Saesongi) & Teriyaki Sauce”

Chawan Mushi (Japanese Egg Custard) with Grilled Eringi Mushrooms

I have written so much about this Japanese savoury custard, I don’t really know where to start…  I am still under its charm and my recently bought steamer set increased the frequency of my chawan mushi meals. Thanks to its incredible lightness, no matter how often I have chawan mushi, I don’t need to feel guilty, count calories…Continue Reading “Chawan Mushi (Japanese Egg Custard) with Grilled Eringi Mushrooms”

Open Omurice with Hot Gochujang Sauce and Mushrooms

My favourite omelette is the French-style, rugby ball-shaped fluffy one, which apparently gives a very clear idea of a professional chef’s skills. I often order it for lunch in France, but I haven’t mastered it yet, so whenever I make an omelette, it has to be the easiest flat one. The famous Japanese omurice (fried rice with an omelette) has two main versions:…Continue Reading “Open Omurice with Hot Gochujang Sauce and Mushrooms”

Takikomi Gohan しいたけと鶏の炊き込みご飯 (Rice steamed with shiitake and chicken)

Spring vegetables are nowhere to be seen yet, so the only comfort one may find in the kitchen is a new exciting dish with winter ingredients that start to become boring. The discovery of takikomi gohan has not only made me forget that mushrooms and carrots have been my staples of last months, but it has also unveiled a whole new world of…Continue Reading “Takikomi Gohan しいたけと鶏の炊き込みご飯 (Rice steamed with shiitake and chicken)”

Katsuobushi to Goma no Furikake (Dried Bonito and Sesame Seed Topping)

“Sprinkling” would be the closest translation of “furikake”, though I guess “topping” sounds more correct. Furikake ふりかけ(“furikakeru” means “to sprinkle” is one of those Japanese food inventions that merits to be more known and practiced all around the world. If you don’t like eating plain white rice (I know many of us Westerners are not big fans) and you have already been…Continue Reading “Katsuobushi to Goma no Furikake (Dried Bonito and Sesame Seed Topping)”

Tom Kha Gai (Thai Galangal and Chicken Soup) with Oyster Mushrooms

Galangal, lemongrass, makrut lime leaves, coriander root, chilli, lime juice… In this famous soup Thai flagship ingredients’s flavours are perfectly recognisable, one by one, creating a recurrent mixture of sour, salty and hot flavours, embellished with a typical sharp aroma. This dish perfectly illustrates the elegance and sophistication of Thai cuisine one might not necessarily see throughout years of eating…Continue Reading “Tom Kha Gai (Thai Galangal and Chicken Soup) with Oyster Mushrooms”

Eringi Mushrooms, Buckwheat Groats and Teriyaki Sauce

Some dishes suffer from even the tiniest modification, but sometimes what seems a daring crazy fusion idea proves one of the most natural harmony of flavours and textures. Such was the case with buckwheat groats with eringi mushrooms, both seasoned with teriyaki glaze. Buckwheat grains/groats (sometimes labelled “kasha”) are dried, slightly triangular seeds of a plant (Fagopyrum genus)…Continue Reading “Eringi Mushrooms, Buckwheat Groats and Teriyaki Sauce”

Chawan Mushi 茶碗蒸し (Japanese Egg Custard) with Chanterelle Mushroom

Chawan Mushi with Chanterelles crossed to my mind a couple of days ago, when I was still half asleep, taking first sips of my morning coffee. This gives you an idea about how much I love this mushroom and, accidentally, how often I think about cooking…. I followed my plan the same evening and must proudly say that it turned…Continue Reading “Chawan Mushi 茶碗蒸し (Japanese Egg Custard) with Chanterelle Mushroom”

Filo Rolls with Chanterelle Mushrooms and Goat Cheese

Every year, when I see first chanterelles on the market, I am looking forward to baking my chanterelle and goat cheese tart, the most delicious way I can imagine to prepare this wonderful mushroom. This year however, as a follow up of my recent filo experiments, I decided to fill these Greek pastry sheets with the mixture I usually put into the tart/tartlets, thus…Continue Reading “Filo Rolls with Chanterelle Mushrooms and Goat Cheese”