Filipino “Torta” – Inspired Omelette with Ground Meat

Several years ago, on Wok with Ray, I saw a dish called “torta”. Ground meat in an omelette seemed both an ingenious and appetising idea, so I planned to prepare torta and still wonder why it took me so long… Last weekend, after a previous night’s korokke dinner, I was left with some fried ground beef. When I started to wonder…Continue Reading “Filipino “Torta” – Inspired Omelette with Ground Meat”

Pork Tocino, or Filipino Marinated Pork

  I hardly know anything about the Filipino cuisine, not to mention tasting or cooking it. I don’t even have a Filipino cookery book, so my vague idea of what the Filipino cuisine looks like is based on what I see on food blogs. Ray’s (Wok with Ray) tempting recipes and beautiful photos made me decide…Continue Reading “Pork Tocino, or Filipino Marinated Pork”