Thai Red Curry of Scallops

Forget all you have ever heard about scallops having a fragile taste or being easily spoilt by strong and hot seasoning. This fiery dish, bursting with bold flavours – like every Thai curry – proves exactly the opposite. After years of eating my beloved mollusc prepared in various ways, I can say without hesitation this is by far my favourite scallop dish. I have…Continue Reading “Thai Red Curry of Scallops”

Korean Pancake with Shrimp and Scallop (Haemul pajeon 해물파전)

What you see above is my first, partly successful, attempt to prepare the famous Korean seafood pancake. I say “partly successful” because in spite of a burnt part and some other mistakes, I was literally spellbound by this extraordinary snack. First, I thought I would wait a second, better prepared and better looking batch before…Continue Reading “Korean Pancake with Shrimp and Scallop (Haemul pajeon 해물파전)”

Scallops Fried in Nori, or Hotate no nori age

This simple, but surprising way to prepare scallops is another palatable – but maybe not visually appealing – discovery I owe to the Japanese Cooking. A Simple Art by Shizuo Tsuji. I have already written about this incredible book for example here, so I will not bore you with my enthusiastic impressions or details. I will just…Continue Reading “Scallops Fried in Nori, or Hotate no nori age”

Scallops and Red Onions on Toast

One more desacralization of the venerated scallop! And a pure delight at the same time! The above seemingly simple toast was realised following a recipe from “La Cuisine de Fumiko Kono” by Fumiko Kono (狐野扶実子), a Japanese chef fascinated by the French cuisine. When my husband offered me this book I had been dreaming of, I was…Continue Reading “Scallops and Red Onions on Toast”

Deep-Fried Scallops

I have a very quickly growing affection for scallops. They are delicious, smell divinely (the detail which I find rare in seafood), are beautiful and even very pleasant to manipulate – I love their soft texture and smooth surface. They are also difficult to spoil, the only faux pas being overcooking. Not to mention the low-calorie…Continue Reading “Deep-Fried Scallops”

Scallops with Gochujang

Have you ever heard that preparing scallops with strong tasting or hot condiments is the biggest faux pas?  I’ve read or heard it thousands of times. Sometimes not believing the “specialists” and taking risks, even with expensive products, is worth it. Scallops might look innocent, but they support perfectly well even very hot seasoning (unless one…Continue Reading “Scallops with Gochujang”