Foie Gras (Fat Liver) with Sake and Chilli

No matter if we have guests or not, fat liver (foie gras) terrine is the only item I cannot imagine my Christmas without. Undisciplined and messy cook that I am, I never manage it to look as good as I’d like,  the shape is never neat and, in general, it’s far from being perfect. I’m sure professional chefs would consider it unacceptable, but I love my homemade terrine…Continue Reading “Foie Gras (Fat Liver) with Sake and Chilli”

Terrine de foie gras (Fat Duck Liver Terrine) with Armagnac

Fat duck liver terrine was love at first bite. The first time I tasted it I was lucky to discover a superior product made by a friend’s uncle, duck farmer. Afterwards, having tasted inferior copies even in decent-looking restaurants, I started to assume it was extremely difficult to prepare. This was before I made it on my own and realised that…Continue Reading “Terrine de foie gras (Fat Duck Liver Terrine) with Armagnac”

Duck Tsukune (Japanese Ground Duck Skewers)

Tsukune, or ground meat skewers, are the first thing I order whenever I go to an izakaya, a Japanese pub (the probability they serve it is very high). As I have mentioned here, in a place specialised in yakitori (chicken skewers), tsukune’s taste measures the cook’s skills and the place’s ambitions, so if they are just…Continue Reading “Duck Tsukune (Japanese Ground Duck Skewers)”

Spring Rolls with Leftover Roast, Carrot and Mint

What do you do with leftover roast? For many years I used to put it into salads, sandwiches or stir-fries and then one day I simply wrapped them in rice paper with some vegetables and glass noodles, making very unorthodox version of spring rolls. Since then this is the first thing I think about when…Continue Reading “Spring Rolls with Leftover Roast, Carrot and Mint”