Gyoza (Japanese Dumplings) with Wild Garlic/Ramsons

After several trips to Japan I learnt good gyoza aren’t easy to find in Tokyo. Maybe I was unlucky or maybe it’s Tokyo, but I rarely had excellent versions. My homemade gyoza are clumsily shaped and I haven’t mastered yet the Japanese fry & steam cooking method, but since the filling is high quality and…Continue Reading “Gyoza (Japanese Dumplings) with Wild Garlic/Ramsons”

Filo Rolls with Black Pudding

As you might have noticed, I have a soft spot for filo… I have been experimenting constantly with this delicate Greek pastry, especially with roll-shaped snacks, which are easy, quick and deliciously crisp. Meat-filled rolls are already a staple, especially for my office lunches, so when one day I bought some black pudding, I thought…Continue Reading “Filo Rolls with Black Pudding”

Filo Rolls with Feta and Leek

I have finally found a fantastic brand of feta and cannot get enough of it. Although I like it best alone with a piece of good baguette, I have already had it in the traditional Spanakopita (see the recipe here) and in Pomegranate and Chicory Salad, but this time I decided to experiment with two beautiful…Continue Reading “Filo Rolls with Feta and Leek”

Tteokbokki (Korean Rice Cakes in Hot and Sweet Sauce)

When I tasted tteokbokki for the first time at friends’ house, I instantly fell in love with slightly chewy, soft rice cakes laced in a fiery sweetish sauce. I still remember being ashamed of second, third – and maybe even fourth – helpings I accepted, unable to refuse something so irresistible. Luckily, other guests were not…Continue Reading “Tteokbokki (Korean Rice Cakes in Hot and Sweet Sauce)”

Baked Dumplings with Black Pudding

Black Pudding Potato Cakes recently posted by Mr. Three-Cookies (from Three Cookies blog) inspired me to try something new with my beloved black pudding. Looking through the content of my freezer I found a piece of black pudding (I always keep some in case of an urgent craving) and I also realised I still had…Continue Reading “Baked Dumplings with Black Pudding”

Chicken Stock and Stock Meat Dumplings

Whenever I buy a whole chicken, everyone (including my butcher) thinks I am going to roast it, braise it or do something similar with the whole bird. In reality, I do this maybe with one chicken out of thirty. The rest of the time I buy it for its lower price, for the stock and…Continue Reading “Chicken Stock and Stock Meat Dumplings”

Chicken and Shiso Dumplings

Shiso (紫蘇), or perilla, a herb I discovered only a couple of months ago, has become a staple in my kitchen. Its elegant, slightly bitter taste and  grassy aroma make it exceptional and absolutely impossible to compare to any other plant. Even though it can be used both raw and cooked, it is not as…Continue Reading “Chicken and Shiso Dumplings”

Potatoes and Curd Cheese Dumplings, or Pierogi ruskie

Ravioli, empanadas, gyoza, mandu… Dumplings – or pastry packages with various fillings –  appear in most of the traditional cookery books in the world. Pierogi (pronounced “p-ye-ro-ghee”), or Polish dumplings, have dozens of different traditional fillings, and their variations are infinite. They can be both sweet and savoury, bigger or smaller, with or without meat,…Continue Reading “Potatoes and Curd Cheese Dumplings, or Pierogi ruskie”

Mandu 만두, or Korean Dumplings

Tofu is not a meat substitute. At least not in meat mandu. In these Korean dumplings tofu gives a smooth texture (usually obtained when using fat meat) and a mellow inimitable taste. Thanks to  its presence even the leanest meat stuffing never gets dry. I don’t give here the dumpling pastry recipe, since I never make…Continue Reading “Mandu 만두, or Korean Dumplings”