Pickled Dill Cucumbers and Pickled Cucumber Salad

Pantry-filling season has started for good. This weekend was cucumber pickling time. Cucumbers pickled in vinegared brine are easy, relatively quick and the seasoning possibilities are endless. After several years and at least a dozen different experiments (including such exotic versions like curry powder or Sichuan pepper and more basic, with bay leaves or allspice),…Continue Reading “Pickled Dill Cucumbers and Pickled Cucumber Salad”

Moomins’ Pickled Cucumber Salad

Moomins, aka Moomin trolls, are chubby characters invented by the Finnish-Swedish writer Tove Janssen who depicted their adventures in a series of sparingly illustrated books I used to devour in my early teens. The books were originally written in Swedish and then became famous all around the world, in as different countries as Germany and…Continue Reading “Moomins’ Pickled Cucumber Salad”