Fresh Goat Cheese and Wild Garlic Spread/Dip

Wild garlic season is short, so I make sure I buy it every week while it lasts. Last Saturday, the nice lady who keeps my favourite goat cheese stall (at my French farmers’ market there are now three stalls selling exclusively goat cheese!) suggested I combine fresh goat cheese and wild garlic. As soon as I came home…Continue Reading “Fresh Goat Cheese and Wild Garlic Spread/Dip”

Fresh Goat Cheese Spread/Dip with Chives

I’ve always loved fresh goat cheese, but it has really become my daily fare since I met a lovely young woman selling her organic goat cheese at my French farmers market. The taste has nothing to do with any shop-bought version (organic or not), the cheese freshest possible (produced the same morning) and the price is so low, I let…Continue Reading “Fresh Goat Cheese Spread/Dip with Chives”

Baked Pasta with Aubergine, Eggs and Anchovies

I rarely eat pasta, almost never bake it and definitely never switch on the oven it when it’s 33°C outside! Yet, today something made me cook pasta, patiently simmer a sauce with vegetables, boil eggs and prepare a dish which turned out perfect for such a hot summery day. I didn’t follow any recipe, but simply opened my cupboards…Continue Reading “Baked Pasta with Aubergine, Eggs and Anchovies”

Filo (or Yufka) Rolls with Beetroot and Feta

Beetroot is one of these widely available vegetables I – strangely – almost never buy. I do not hate it, but it never provokes a craving I often experience while seeing beautiful tomatoes, aubergines or recently even fennel. When I recently saw the fabulously elegant Roasted Beets with Aromatised Feta Mousse at Katerina’s Culinary Flavors, I found the combination of the…Continue Reading “Filo (or Yufka) Rolls with Beetroot and Feta”

Greek Yogurt (or Quark) Spread with Caramelised Red Onion

I discovered this wonderful spread in an overpriced, but otherwise average restaurant I’d certainly try to forget if it hadn’t been for quark with caramelised red onion, the highlight of their welcome snacks (and of the whole evening really). Visually unappealing, it proved surprisingly complex in taste and absolutely delicious. It has quickly become my staple light snack and favourite winter breakfast. I…Continue Reading “Greek Yogurt (or Quark) Spread with Caramelised Red Onion”

Filo Rolls with Roasted Green Chilli Pepper and Feta

Thanks to my dear blogging friend MJ and one of her numerous extremely tempting posts praising green chilli (or rather “chile” as they say in New Mexico), I finally embarked on the roasting adventure too. The process is quick, easy (even without a proper grill) and the ways of using roasted peppers seem countless. After the utterly delicious Chile Spread (see the recipe…Continue Reading “Filo Rolls with Roasted Green Chilli Pepper and Feta”

Greek Yogurt and Summer Vegetable Mezé/Spread

Browsing through Katerina’s inspiring Culinary Flavors and looking for meat meal ideas, I saw these gorgeous souvlaki. I thought they would be my next meal, but then I noticed the yogurt mezé Katerina posted along the souvlaki recipe and… ended up making only this cooling side-dish (the skewers are still bookmarked though!). I like practically every yogurt spread/sauce I know, but this one has really…Continue Reading “Greek Yogurt and Summer Vegetable Mezé/Spread”

Mock Spanakopita Rolls with Wild Garlic (Filo Rolls with Feta and Wild Garlic)

Greek spinach or spinach and feta pie is one of the rare vegetarian dishes I am truly fond of. I have recently discovered it tastes even better if made with baby spinach. Since its season corresponds to wild garlic’s, I simply changed the leaves and made a mock garlicky spanakopita (or rather mock spanakotiropita, as I learnt from Katerina)….Continue Reading “Mock Spanakopita Rolls with Wild Garlic (Filo Rolls with Feta and Wild Garlic)”

Filo Rolls with Chanterelle Mushrooms and Goat Cheese

Every year, when I see first chanterelles on the market, I am looking forward to baking my chanterelle and goat cheese tart, the most delicious way I can imagine to prepare this wonderful mushroom. This year however, as a follow up of my recent filo experiments, I decided to fill these Greek pastry sheets with the mixture I usually put into the tart/tartlets, thus…Continue Reading “Filo Rolls with Chanterelle Mushrooms and Goat Cheese”

Feta, Apple and Cucumber Salad with Yogurt

Whenever I desperately wanted to use one precise food ingredient, I always wished I could look at a cookery book’s index, find a tempting recipe and discover that, by pure accident, I had all the remaining items in the kitchen (or, at worst, needed to buy just one more). Such a dream situation hardly ever…Continue Reading “Feta, Apple and Cucumber Salad with Yogurt”