Financiers (French Almond and Butter Mini Cakes)

This was one of earliest recipes on my blog. Some time in 2011. It seems an eternity…. The photograph screamed for an update, so when I made another batch last week, I took new photographs and thought I’d write about the financiers once more. I took this decision also because I have recently read on…Continue Reading “Financiers (French Almond and Butter Mini Cakes)”

ANZAC Biscuits with Dried Blueberries

First of all, I I would like to apologise my dear visitors and blogging friends for such a long absence due to wonderful holidays I have spent once more in Japan. As always, the stay in Tokyo was highly inspiring, filled with unforgettable culinary moments and I hope I’ll be able to share with you some of my…Continue Reading “ANZAC Biscuits with Dried Blueberries”

Palets bretons (Sweet and Salty Brittany Cookies)

This was one of the first recipes I have posted. I hardly had any visitors at the time, so I have decided to dig it up and write about these French biscuits (or cookies). They may look ordinary, but their delicate crumbly texture, buttery taste and a delicate touch of saltiness make them very special….Continue Reading “Palets bretons (Sweet and Salty Brittany Cookies)”

ANZAC Biscuits with Dried Cranberry

Have you ever heard of ANZAC biscuits? Many of you might be put off by the above unequally shaped, unattractive cookies, but in reality these are one of the most delicious and addictive sweet snacks I know. Until now I have been preparing only their standard version and I wish I had thought of cranberries…Continue Reading “ANZAC Biscuits with Dried Cranberry”

Easiest Chewy Coconut Cookies (Macaroons)

If sometimes you don’t feel like spending hours in the kitchen, but are in urgent need of easy sweet snacks, you might be interested in these cookies. I believe they are similar to what is called “coconut macaroons” in the USA, but they are much simpler and quicker to prepare. They require maximum ten minutes…Continue Reading “Easiest Chewy Coconut Cookies (Macaroons)”

Chocolate Terrine with Speculoos (Unbaked Chocolate Cake with Biscuits)

Chocoholics: beware! This chocolate terrine is one of the most dangerous home desserts I know. Once you taste it, you will constantly be tempted to prepare it once more and once more and once more… When you realise that the recipe is ridiculously easy and the result guarantees admiring looks from your guests, you will understand why…Continue Reading “Chocolate Terrine with Speculoos (Unbaked Chocolate Cake with Biscuits)”

Financiers with Raspberries

Financiers count among the biggest wonders in the world of pastry. Few ingredients, simple preparation and marvellous, sophisticated result. I have already written about them quite a long time ago (here), but this new summer fruit version turned out so good, I absolutely wanted to share it with you. As I have written in my…Continue Reading “Financiers with Raspberries”

Cannelés de Bordeaux

  Today I have a big honour to guest post at the wonderful Ping’s Pickings blog. Ping is one of my dearest blogging friends and one of the rare people who always make me laugh with her hilarious style and unique sense of humour. Thanks to Ping’s wide-ranging culinary interests, her posts are always surprising and often…Continue Reading “Cannelés de Bordeaux”

Featherlight French Fritters (Bugnes or Merveilles)

Tomorrow is Mardi Gras (literally Fat Tuesday, in English called Shrove Tuesday), the last day of Carnival (or Shrovetide) in the Christian calendar. Shrove Tuesday was the last moment to indulge in rich sweets just before the approaching fasting period (Lent) starting on Ash Wednesday. Since fats were traditionally forbidden during Lent, Carnival sweets were usually…Continue Reading “Featherlight French Fritters (Bugnes or Merveilles)”

Puffed Rice and Chocolate Unbaked Bars

I have been making puffed rice chocolate truffles since I was a child and it was probably the first sweet treat I was able to make completely on my own. My childhood version of the oval truffles – called “hedgehogs” or “pine cones” because of their form – contained only cocoa, butter and rice, but…Continue Reading “Puffed Rice and Chocolate Unbaked Bars”