The Best of 2016

I always enjoy and look forward to reading “the best of” posts written by my blogging friends, and yet I’ve never considered doing the same myself. This is probably due to my regular end-of-the-year blues and reluctance to analyse the past twelve months where I tend to see only the empty half of the glass… Anyway, this week I decided to…Continue Reading “The Best of 2016”

Homemade Savoury Edible Gifts

First of all I would like to apologise to all my dear visitors for such a long silence (some have probably thought I’d stopped blogging…) due to long holidays. Just like every year, I had planned writing at least one post in advance and… just like every year, somehow it didn’t work… Coming back from my…Continue Reading “Homemade Savoury Edible Gifts”

Growing Garlic Leaves Indoors, or What to Do With Sprouting Garlic?

I bet some of you also keep on finding old, last year’s sprouting garlic heads. Once they sprout, the taste becomes harsh and when the next – mushy – stage arrives, most of us usually throw them away. This year, I decided to do exactly what I have been doing for years with sprouting onion bulbs and simply planted…Continue Reading “Growing Garlic Leaves Indoors, or What to Do With Sprouting Garlic?”

Last-Minute New Year’s Eve Treats

Christmas is over, but I still have several days of lazy home holidays. I keep on reading for hours in bed, sipping wine and eating the remains of my – as always excessive – food stock. I don’t feel particularly keen on cooking anything new or complicated, especially since I don’t organise any party this year. Nonetheless, for the last night of 2014 I’ll certainly…Continue Reading “Last-Minute New Year’s Eve Treats”

Easter Party Ideas

Wonton Cups, or Edible Snack Containers Zsuzsa, my blogging friend from Zsuzsa is in the Kitchen, has recently invited me to join her and other bloggers (Eva from Takarékos Konyha, Elisabeth from Food and Thrift and Eva from Kitchen Inspirations) and, just like them, post my Easter menu suggestions. I was honoured, but at first I…Continue Reading “Easter Party Ideas”

Vineyard Peach Jam with Crème de Cassis (Blackcurrant Liqueur)

Would you ever guess the above jam is made with peaches? Its original hue is due to the vineyard peach, the last Summer fruit in France. Its season starts in August, but stretches towards at least mid-September. I say “in France” because I have never seen vineyard peach in Switzerland and always go to buy…Continue Reading “Vineyard Peach Jam with Crème de Cassis (Blackcurrant Liqueur)”

Welcome to my new, empty (I hope not for long) blog! Cooking and preserving (with a glass or not) will hopefully soon fill up its pages. The posted recipes will be mostly taken from books, websites, blogs, given by friends or family or invented by me. Whenever possible I’ll put the exact source.